After the 2nd Feb storm: sunset over MtLawleyShire

The storm left the sky with a magical  architecture for light and the lowering light to play in.  And did it play!  After all the grey and darkness, the lightning and winds, the lowering sun amongst all the shapes and shadows of clouds was magical.

There were washes of gold:

ssunset_6  ssunset_5


A kind of heavier cloud like an embroidered edging against the smoother gold:

sunset_5  sunset_8

ssunset_7  sunset_4

and the lowering cloud brought something with it – a darkening of a clearer evening sky


I loved the contrasts of gold and grey:

ssunset_9  ssunset_4

In other directions, high winds played with less substantial cloud:

sunset_9  ssunset_16


then in the west, the sky exploded into flame and gold

ssunset_19  ssunset_20

ssunset_43  ssunset_29

ssunset_17  ssunset_14

ssunset_23  ssunset_30

but always that cloud, restricting it all

ssunset_32  ssunset_28

Flame and colour almost obscured the hint of clear sky down on the horizon:

ssunset_46  ssunset_42

and that cloud keeping it all from the evening sky remained:


Colour spread to all points of the compass: south behind the city and the chimneys of the old house:

ssunset_44  ssunset_31

and down William Street towards the city:




This is north-east (ish) or maybe it’s actually north 😀

sunset_7  sunset_10

and as the sunset faded, it sent out waves of colour across clouds coming in from the north and the east:

ssunset_41  ssunset_38


the colour deepening into pinks and a sky turned pastels with coming night:

ssunset_34  ssunset_47


In the west, there was a final glory:


and this:


till the darkness overwhelmed almost all of the cloud play


leaving the clear-washed sky below to farewell the tempestuous day:


I hope you have enjoyed yet another MtLawleyShire sunset 🙂


8 comments on “After the 2nd Feb storm: sunset over MtLawleyShire

  1. Madhu says:

    A marvelous series Keira.Love the dramatic transformation from the muted gold of dusk to the deep purply tones of nightfall! The mid golds are my favourites.

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  2. David says:

    Mrs Bloggins, it seems that mighty powers are at play on, about and above your little shire. What luck your pen and lens are poised to capture the moment. Can’t wait till say, a willy willy, comes your way. Who’d have thought that weather reporting could become poetic! Strange days indeed.

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    • apart from the Mrs, I appreciate your comment, sir. Mighty powers are indeed at play – sometimes. Tonight, lack of battery & cloud and indeed, forgetting the camera on my wee perambulations, means no reportage this evening. Mayhap tomorrow 🙂


  3. bulldog says:

    The silvers that turn to golds that the continue to become oranges and reds… love this photo sequence….

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  4. Van Ikin says:

    Thank you – what an excellent record! Your posts are becoming even more poetic these days, with the text guiding us through each event via your powers of observation. It’s enjoyable, but also instructive – I’m learning new ways of seeing. Keep it up!

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    • 🙂 Thanks, Van. It took ages to organize this post. I think there were almost 100 sunset photos ready to post and I really had to narrow it down. I didn’t want to do a sunset over 4 posts which I did a while ago. But that was an extraordinary sunset! And learning a new way of seeing? Through my photos? OH! That’s an incredible compliment 🙂 Thank you!


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