A sky of mourning over MtLawleyShire

A sunset mired in the haze of bushfires several hundred kilometres from the city.  The light was strange, and later, constrained to merely the sun itself.

The smoke haze blew in from the south and stretches up to Geraldton, hundreds of kilometres of the north of the city.  Suburbs, houses and streets were filled with it, and the smell of smoke is disturbing, regardless of knowing the fire itself is some distance away.

As the sun began to sink towards the horizon, the light changed and made a lovely glow on the tortured branches of this solitary gorse:


The colours were wrong for so early in the day:

light_3  light_2

Sunset shades well before sunset and the sun a glowing orb:

sky_1  sun_3

It was really difficult to adjust the camera’s light levels, but I got some nice effects:

sky_3  sun_4



sun_1  sky_4

Then the sun began to sink into the thicker layers of haze and took on a reddish aura:

sky_5  sun_5

sun_6  sun_7

From a distance, the layers of haze were visible:



It sank further and became crimson:


sunset_8  sunset_4

sunset_7  sunset_9

the crimson deepening as it sank into an ashy ending of day

sunset_10  sunset_11

till finally, there was merely a sliver of crimson, a barely visible wound in the smokey gloom.  No reflections, no glory


just emptiness and the remains of great forest trees hundreds of years old, rendering all the endangered animals and birds homeless, without food, without hope.


Even the waning moon was bloodied by the death of forests:

smoke moon

though later, she rose above it and shone clear through the clear ceiling of sky, leaving the polluted atmosphere of summer behind.


It will be the same this evening.

8 comments on “A sky of mourning over MtLawleyShire

  1. bulldog says:

    Aussie land seems to suffer from bush fires far more than anywhere else I know…. but lets be honest it does give fantastic photo ops…

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    • One of these fires (there’s 3 – 2 massive blazes south of Perth and one in Perth) missed by a whisker razing a town. They are burning through iconuc forests and destroying the last habitats for the beautiful black cockatoos, the newly established numbas andcountless others, including plants. And they are dying out or gone from other areas. It’s terrible – the photos to me are also terrible. Beautiful and terrible. And yes, we are getting more and more fires


  2. Oh, I know that terrifying beauty so well from bushfires on the east coast.

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  3. Some great pictures, found the one next to the RSS feed heading particulary striking with the contrast of black trees and bright pink sun. Unfortunately smoke affected sunsets are becoming all too common around Wangaratta.

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    • it’s terrible – and these are in the forests – they were thinking it was headed towards Permberton which is where the giants are. As they are still cutting down forests, I ache for what it means for all the wildlife as well as the trees


  4. Joanna Fay says:

    i just had a view of the city from the hills, Keira, and it is invisible under smoke. At least it gave you some awesome crimson sun shots! Wow! xx

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