Stormclouds over MtLawleyShire: Mon 2nd Feb

It was a fantastic storm – the first of many during the week, culminating with a fantastic storm on Wednesday night, though there was another on Thursday but I was working.  Monday’s  storm was a fantastic opportunity for cloud watching – and the rain was delicious.

The sky first filled with mammatus clouds stretching out to form cirrus hooks:

clouds_3  cccloud_1


Then you could see the storm front approaching – a denser form with darkness beneath it:

cccloud_29  cccloud_30

cc_cloud_15  cccloud_8

clouds_4  cccloud_9

a bird flying to safety and details of tossing clouds:

cccloud_20  cccloud_18

It gained more definition

cccloud_7  cc_cclooud_12

It was impossible to get it all in the frame

cloud_1  cccloud_11

the details were incredible:

cc_cloud_3  cc_cloud_4

and as I watched, the left hand leading edge began to swirl:


cccloud_12  cccloud_10

I was watching a storm cell form:

cccloud_15  cc_cloud_5


Then the right – I watched another storm cell form to my right:

cloud_2  cccloud_17

cloud_5  cc_cloud_1

cc_cloud_10  cloud_6


The leading edge of the storm over one of the gracious houses remaining on my street:


It was a tide of storm looming over houses

cccloud_14  cloud_3

It really did resemble a huge wave about to break over the world:

cc_cloud_8  cloud_4

Much as I didn’t want to, there was the camera to think of – and lightning – so I retreated towards my driveway.  The cloud loomed over  the roof of the flats behind my fence:

cc_cloud_13  cc_cloud_12

and this is from my courtyard before I went inside:


A while later, I went back outside, clouds moving away:


It moved south-east, rain still pouring down.  I don’t know if it reached the area where the bush fires are:

cccloud_22  cccloud_23


Their purpose spent, the clouds had lost coherence and definition


remnant always look wonderful:

cccloud_25  cccloud_26

and the fleeing remains were great subjects for black and white:


cccloud_31  cccloud_19

Fattee Cattee you ask?  She was sufe inside in one of her alternate dimensions.

I love storms, so hope you enjoyed this post & that I didn’t post too many.  🙂

Next: post storm sunset, followed by flowers after the rain





6 comments on “Stormclouds over MtLawleyShire: Mon 2nd Feb

  1. David says:

    No, the shower from the Shire didn’t last to flood the fires. But at least your garden benefited from the drips’

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  2. KDKH says:

    Fascinating and beautiful! My kitties spend a lot of time in meditation as well,

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    • thank you – though don’t think she was meditating! Shaking and unhappy more like 😦 But, she got over it. Till the next one which was amazing! But at night so no photos.


  3. bulldog says:

    Yep those do look weathery….

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