MtLawleyShire’s flowers after the storm

With the rain came the opportunity to catch raindrops on flowers and grass blades.  It was dark though, and still raining and windy, so I wasn’t thank successful.  I got some though.

Basil flower:

garden_1  garden_8

Lemon grass blades:

garden_2  garden_3

raindrops caught like gems in the delicate spines of a native hibiscus:

garden_7  garden_6

and on the jasmine: tendril and leaf:

garden_5  garden_9

Finally, in the garden, a row of drops on a rose leaf.


Later, in the outside world, on a frangipani:


on bottlebrush and bottlebrush buds:

fflower_1  flowers_2


flower_1  flower_2

(though this one escaped)


Finally – on a tiny bottlebrush (or is it a type of Grevillea?)


fflower_4  fflower_6

fflower_5  fflower_7

flowers_5  fflower_3


And last – a bee looking for somewhere not drowned to find some nectar


I hope you enjoyed my flower photos 🙂

Next post will be the post-storm sunset, which was magnificent.



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  1. Out of respect for the beauty you put into your art I am leaving this comment. I spent HOURS looking for the “right image” and found an image that spoke the way I need my words to sound that image you created. I tried to find a way to contact you privately. I looked first all around this site searching for a contact button then and then facebook. I used your image to say something I cannot. I would like to share your image and the text. Please I don’t know what else to do. I have a wordpress account but sadly it is not even set up yet “Rhayning Thoughts” I will check this accounts email to see if there is any reply. I do hope to hear from you soon.


  2. bulldog says:

    Hey …. some beautiful captures here…

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