MtLawleyShire witnesses Sunset at the Beach

It’s a rare thing to venture so far from my environs at sunset time in the middle of the week – and to the edge of teh world?  The beach?  Well, the occasion was lovely and the opportunity not to be missed.  But a sunset out of MtLawleyShire!  An ‘un-urban’ sunset!  How would I cope? 😀

The afternoon moon smiled down as we made our way to one of Perth’s most loved beaches: Cottesloe.


After drinks and chat, it was time for sunset.  Elsewhere in the city, further south, there were storms.  They hadn’t happened here yet and I was sure sunset would be naught but glare.  How wrong I was.  There is something sublime watching the sun set, unhindered by the silhouettes or an urban environment, though even here, human-made silhouettes are present: the ships in Gage Roads, waiting to get into Fremantle Harbour.  And I loved the light play of cloud strips:

sunset  sunset_3

sunset_4  sunset_5


These are a little out of sequence, but I loved using the Norfolk pines that grace the suburban beaches:

sunset_1  sunset_8

sunset_weather  sunset_6

The moon was gilded by the golden light spilling across the ocean


And the sun sank towards someone else’s dawn:

sunset_9  sunset_10

sunset_11  sunset_12

I caught a seagull 🙂


And as the sun is pulled further below the horizon, the red glow of its farewell spreads:


In the darkening sky, the moon comes into her own:

moon_3  moon_4

But all the drama is far to the west:

sunset_15  sunset_31


Almost fully dark and the moon takes on the uncompromising white and black – no shades of grey or gold:


But the western sky flames:

sunset_17  sunset_18

sunset_19  sunset_21


In the eastern skies, there is the serenity of uncomplicated white in black:


and in the west, finally, the light softens and calms with the last shades of farewell from day:


sunset_20  sunset_22

A last view from a hotel window:

sunset_view_3  view

and there is nothing left in the night but the quite beautiful moon:


I hope you enjoyed my excursion to the edge of the world 🙂


storm and rain in MtLawleyShire

After 61 days, Perth finally received rain.  And thunder.  And lightning.

Sadly, my experiments in photographing lightning were a dark failure (as in there was nothing recorded on the memory card by the darkness of the pre-dawn), but I caught the clouds that had been building and building and building in the morning and the afternoon:

cloud_2  cloud_5

Great, blindingly white thunderheads:


and no amount of praying made them halt their slide southwards:

cloud_1  cloud_9

cloud_8  cloud_10

cloud_6  cloud_3

We sweltered through a day that reached 40, and the night was awful – it didn’t go below mid twenties, exacerbated by very high humidity.

At 5.00 in the morning I was woken by a tremendous clap of thunder.  And it rained.  I went out, with camera, though nothing resulted, but I enjoyed the rain.  I opened all the doors and windows and went back to bed.  I apparently slept through the next storm, but when I got up and let out her Fat little Self as well, the world was delightfully wet and cool smelling.

And there was proof of rain on a tiny, tiny rose:


then there was another storm and poor Fattee Cattee was nowhere to be seen.  It poured briefly.  I got deliciously wet and cold, and laughed in the face of lightning and thunder.  Later, the garden all refreshed, there were flowers and raindrops.  The little rose again, be-gemmed:

flower_2  flower_3


flower_4  flower_5

raindrops on a magnolia leaf and a blade of lemon grass:

garden_1  garden_2

On branches and a leaf of jasmine:

garden_4  garden_6

garden_5  garden_7

and this one – a rain drop hanging from a withered shoot of a spider plant:


Then the sun came out, the temperature soared and it was dreadfully hot.  All the water evaporated, the raindrops vanished and the little rose curled and withered.

But someone else reappeared and curled on the cool bricks in the courtyard, full of purrs:

cat_1  cat_2

Later, on my way to work in the mid afternoon, I saw the last of the clouds sliding away to the south as I waited in the traffic on the freeway:

freeway_1  freeway_2


And now, there are only chances of thunderstorms and it remains very hot and humid.

I long for rain, for storms, for Autumn