Awesome sunset over MtLawleyShire. Saturday Jan 24. #4: the ending

and this is the ending of it – glorious colour.  Sunset did not go gently into any good night.  It flamed and stormed even as it darkened.


Darker reds and crimsons, purples and greys and that great cloud had returned to grey, bringing night closer

sunset_52  sunset_53

The grey of early afternoon clouds began to return, making a glorious contrast with the still flaming colours:

sunset_55   sunset_57

a contrast more powerful from a distance


The intricate architecture remained

sunset_sample_2  sunset_68

but the colours began to alter the sense of apocalypse, the structure was lost within purples and blues

sunset_59  sunset_60

sunset_61  sunset_62

Red tones remained near the horizon


but the battle was lost – lost in beauty, in tones of dying flame

sunset_64   sunset_67



and so it faded


& there I ran out of battery!  😀

but what a sunset!

I hope you enjoyed it and get some idea of the majesty of the clouds exploding into splendour.



8 comments on “Awesome sunset over MtLawleyShire. Saturday Jan 24. #4: the ending

  1. Anna says:

    Wowsie, yes this is spectacular! Welcome back!

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  2. Rainee says:

    Gorgeous colours 🙂


  3. bulldog says:

    This sunset was awesome. .. brilliantly capture… can see why you did 4 posts… not one photo could you have left out…. brilliant


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