Awesome sunset over MtLawleyShire. Sat Jan 24. #2: the beginnings

Sunset proper began with brilliance and swirling cloud:

sunset_2  sunset_4

sunset_5  sunset_6


then momentary glare drowned out details as the sun blazed forth

sunset_7  sunset_7

but it was short-lived, declining it gilded the clouds, their edges turnings gold against a shadowed rose

sunset_10  sunset_9

There was a sweetness to that glory.


But that was not the end of it.  From the north came a large cloud, and others smeared the brilliance into spun gold

sunset_14  sunset_17


sunset_15  sunset_16

and intense glory


then, returning to another vantage, I noticed something was happening with all the clouds


And something interesting was happening with the washed rose and gold

sunset_20  sunset_21

that great grey cloud from the north-west dipped into the gold of the flaming horizon:

sunset_22  sunset_25

Even from a distance, there was something intense about the concentrating of colour and cloud shapes:


Closer, it was nothing that gave rise to any expectation

sunset_26  sunset_27

but that great lowering smear of cloud began to assume more significance

sunset_28  sunset_29

Then the clouds began to explode:


Next: the sunset through the exploding clouds


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