MtLawleyShire and the architectural

Just before I go into work in West Perth, I like to walk around and take photos of the predominately modern architecture around this western part of the city.  I then play with the images, accentuating the intersection with the built environment and the sky, with light and shadow, and the flat planes and lines.

the first of these is a concrete wall around a stairwell


this is light on the western wall of a building


architectural features look strange when highlighted out of context

block_3  west perth_3

accentuating shadows make the mundane appear forbidding

city_1  west perth_2

removing details renders reflections surreal


two views of the same structure

city_4  city_6

perspective and sliced reflections


hanging in space

west perth_1  city_3

and sometimes, colour enhances the stark appearance, especially with summer’s primary lack of nuance

stark          primary colours