Flowers from MtLawleyShire

I do love photographing flowers.

Petunias rom my garden – the purple ones are amazing, though they are now suffering from the heat:

flower_2  flower_1

flower_6  flower_3

native hibiscus in my garden:

native flower

I love frangipani – such simple flowers, so elegant to photograph, so perfumed and lovely:

flower_3  flower_4

wild iris or dietes can be stunningly lovely


a type of bottlebrush-type glower and something I always thought was a jasmine, but now know it’s something else (which I can’t remember)

flower_1  flower_5

I have no idea, but they are pretty:



flower_4   flower_4


flower_2 flower_3

And this year, I missed the best of the Illawarra flame trees in Hyde Park – last year they were out at the end of December.  Not this year.

And it was a really windy day too, and I was in a hurry because I had to get to work, but they are still astonishing:


flower_2   flower_3

flower_4  flower_illawarra_4


Flower_5 flower_illawarra_3

the single flowers are soooooo tiny!


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