MtLawleyShire’s sunrise and sunset

It was the hottest Perth has experienced in some time.  It peaked at 43.1.  And the night before I couldn’t sleep.  Not sure why.  So I was awake and suddenly wondered what dawn looked like in a cloudless sky.

This is the view down the main road that looks east, down the block from me.  I stood in the middle of the road to take these 🙂

dawn_1 dawn_2

dawn_3 dawn_4

dawn_5 dawn_6

The sun is coming…


In the west, the colours were softer.  This is the direction I take my sunset photos from 🙂  In this first one is a magpie on top of the telephone pole, singing in the day with its beautiful warbling:


dawn_9 dawn_10

I went back inside and Fattee Cattee was taking advantage of the easterly which would bring the heat, but for the moment, brought the night-time cool of the deserts sweeping across the river flats where Perth is.

morning girl_1

morning girl_2  morning girl_3

I stayed inside all day, & Fattee Cattee did too.  It was terribly hot.  I ventured out as the sun went down a little & saw the late afternoon moon

early evening moon_1

In the ‘cool’ of the evening, I went out to look at the sunset – it was still about 37 degrees Celsius – & this is after 7.00 pm.

sunset_1  sunset_4

sunset_2  sunset_4

Early evening moon. It looks so cool.

evening moon

I then walked down to Beaufort Street.  The east with the moon looked lovely (it had cooled down to 35 degrees by this time)

east_1  east_3

In the west, the malevolent glow of the heated day burned, signifying the heat of the say to come:

sunset_5  sunset_6


the gentler colours in the east seen through a lemon-scented gum:


And twilight lingered in the sky

twilight_1  twilight_4

The redness lingering as I walked home, taking photos and eating an icecream – more difficult than it sounds as it was still hot and the icecream melted…


Finally, darkness – no coolth at all, but still – the beauty of the moon

tonight's moon

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and that my problems with WordPress don’t have a nasty effect.  I can still reply to comments if you care to make them.


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  1. bulldog says:

    Great captures… loive them all…


  2. Joanna Fay says:

    Lovely sequence, Keira. It peaked at 47C up here….full on! Blissful now though…..:)


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