MtLawleyShire: sunset & the moon

The end of the day where it was 41 by 9.30 in the morning and terrible fires where 50 homes were lost in the hills.  I hadn’t expected sunset, though by this time, it had cooled considerably, so I was astonished to walk out at around 7.00 pm to realize there was a sunset.

sunset_1  sunset_2

sunset_3  sunset_4

sunset_8  sunset_5

The easter sky was clear and here is the early evening moon:

early evening moon

the sunset continued flaring and burning

sunset_6  sunset_7

In the east – the moon


From a different corner:

sunset_9  sunset_10

sunset_11  sunset_12

sunset_13  sunset_14

Evening moon:

evening moon_2

Eastern colours

east_3  east

Two views of Beaufort Street to prove I got there – I needed milk:

beaufort st_1  beaufort st_2

evening moon:

evening moon

twilight on the way home:

twilight_4  twilight_2

twilight_3  twilight_1

this moon came out slightly blue:

tonight's moon

but here, in her proper dark, the end of my walk – the moon:

tonight's moon_1

The night was much, much cooler.  It went down to under 20 degrees, so it was almost possible to sleep!


3 comments on “MtLawleyShire: sunset & the moon

  1. bulldog says:

    Have you forgotten how to take tree photos… ??


    • No – I just haven’t had a chance to take that many 😦 I was hoping to take some today, byut there were too many people around. They are scattered photos here and there but not enough, and I don’t go to Hyde Park that often – it’s is painful. I don’t like what they’ve done. Lopping off all the lower branches of the plane trees. There is the post of the Illawarra flame tree a few posts back. New Year or around there. Working, studying – I don’t get much of a chance to do much walking around here. But there are always trees in the sunset photos 🙂 But I also miss the trees. I will try to gather a post together for you 🙂


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