Astonishing sunset in MtLawleyShire

Why was this sunset so astonishing when they are always beautiful?

Well, for one, I ran out of batteries – but fortunately, my neighbour had some. Whew! I won’t let *that* happen again.  And then there was the moon.

I didn’t think it would be at all remarkable – the cloud was quite thick

east_1  sunset_1

& the sun sent out rays as its light tried to escape

sunset_5  sunset_4

Colour was reluctant

sunset_2  sunset_3

and when it came, seemed sullen


and then…


that rose burning gold

sunset_8  sunset_10

and then I looked east – the moon rising above golden clouds:


moon_5  moon_6

moon_2  moon_3

moon_8  moon_7

more colour came into the eastern skies along with the clouds, fighting the moon

sunset_12  moon_9

east_4  east_2


in the west, the colour flared and touched the clouds that were only thick down near the horizon

sunset_9  sunset_11

the eastern skies had nothing of gentleness about them at all


east_5 east_6

in and the west, the colour deepened




soothed a little

sunset_13  sunset_14

and the scattered clouds threw the beauty far and wide

sunset_16  sunset_17

sunset_20  sunset_23

sunset_18  sunset_24



& finally – the moon

tonight's moon

It stunned me, this sunset – involving both east & west. I got quite dizzy turning around and around.

I am so grateful to my neighbour 🙂


8 comments on “Astonishing sunset in MtLawleyShire

  1. bulldog says:

    This is just a brilliant post… almost as outstanding as your trees… Its amazing what the sun can do to our skies if we only take the time to watch… so many times I’ll ask an acquaintance, “Did you see that sunset last night?” and the answer will be “No” 90% of the time… people don’t look at these amazing features on a nightly basis, its just when they happen to look in the right direction… I watch every night, and most nights here in the city they are not that spectacular… but I also watch every morning sunrise… if people would only open their eyes to the fact this spectacle happens everyday… and does so much for the soul when one has a good one…


    • Ah – so you forgive me 🙂 & thank you! Yes, I always watch the sunset – which is why I hate working nights, but you do know these are always taken in the inner suburbs of a capital city, don’t you? My urban sunsets are proof that the beauty of a sunset overwhelms everything ‘city’ 🙂


      • bulldog says:

        I do realise that you are taking in the city our problem is we live on the east side of a hill and don’t get to see the actual setting sun, but from the second floor stoop, veranda, (shit what do you call it in Aussie land) I do get to witness the actual rising sun…


      • I walk up and down a few blocks to get these shots – many are from one block away, the moon shots I can get from outside my house. Your sunset problem is my sunrise problem, except for the post the other day when I went down a block and stood in the middle of the road 🙂
        & it’s verandah or, if it’s the 2nd floor – balcony 🙂


  2. Rainee says:

    There are some really beautiful shots in this blog. The others are lovely too but I think these ones are a bit magical 🙂


  3. KDKH says:

    I appreciate your neighbor’s generosity too! Love the pics — and that you included the moon.


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