MtLaweyShire’s Wildflowers in the rain

There’s a small park on the edge of MtLawleyShire, on it’s – um – northern, or north-western borders (the borders are somewhat variable and I think, once, this park would’ve been just outside the borders, but no longer!) and there are some pretty wildflowers there – but this week, it rained, heavily, was a dark and gloomy sort of morning, but still – flowers.

My camera would not stay in my bag.

So, wildflowers bejewelled:

Fringed bottlebrush:

flower_2 flower_3

flower_7  flower_9

I was fascinated with the way the raindrops hung on the spines:

flower_12  flower_6

What I call pink fluffballs, but with the raindrops (giving you a clue as to their real size) they go from being pretty to stunning:

flower_4  flower_5


flower_11  flower_13

A Banksia – I love the flowers grow on the ground in some of these, and a secret Grevillea:

flower_1  flower_10

and trees, darkened by rain:


trees_1    trees_2

Spooky tree in the gloomy light:



& a wee friendly light willy wagtail:



3 comments on “MtLaweyShire’s Wildflowers in the rain

  1. bulldog says:

    You do have some fascinating flowers there that I’ve not seen before… your photos brilliant as usual.. now how about sending us a bit of that rain…


    • Ah – I’m so sorry you’re not getting rain. It’s not widespread and the Eastern states are getting high 30’s and fires, with large swathes of drought. THe heat will come here, and I’m dreading it, so for the moment, am thnakful. But the flowers are gorgeous. Just wished I could’ve gone earlier. Still, there are more locally than there used to be 🙂


      • I’ve just realized which post you were commenting on – these are local, and I’ve just done a Kings Park post. But yes, they are so pretty, these little flowers in the little park. I’m so glad it’s there.


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