Native wildflowers in and around MtLawleyShire

I must get to Kings Park for the wildflowers, but for the moment, in my little ‘shire’ there are wildflowers in gardens and parks:

Orange kangaroo paw

kangaroo paw kaplan_kangaroo paw_1

kaplan_kangaroo paw_3  kaplan_kangaroo-paw_2


flower_3  flower_2

flower_1  flowers_5

Pink bottlebrush:

pink_1  pink_2

pink_3  last of the light_2

a variety of native wildflowers from a park:

I think this is called a candle Banksia



these make me think of custard:

flowers_2  flowers_7

Pink & fluffy & delicate purple:

flowers_9  flowers_6


like a pink cushion:



rare Grevillea in shadows and a fringed type of bottlebrush:

flowers_10  flowers_11



flowers_1       flowers_8

& these gorgeous little things:


& the scarlet bottle brush:


white_2  white_1



7 comments on “Native wildflowers in and around MtLawleyShire

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  2. bulldog says:

    These are really lovely captures… I love the Kangaroo paw.. never seen one of those… you are so lucky to be having such a spring…


  3. Ah, yes, how splendidly singular they are! Lovely to see spring is springing, despite your wettest spring in ages. 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂 I just wish I had to the chance to get to Kings Park, but today, alas, is not optimal weather – cloudy & windy. So this week is not going to happen either. By the time I get there, the wildflowers will be gone 😦


  4. Looks like a garden. 🙂


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