A MtLawleyShire Sunset

I am still really busy – study is really piling up as the completion date looms, and work, of course.  But this?  This is a MtLawleyShire sunset – in a month where it has been raining almost non-stop, there have been few sunsets.  Mostly just grey skies. So I had to share.

This afternoon (25 Sept), I saw the clouds had lifted and there were actually rays of light:

sunset_1  sunset_2

would it be worthwhile, I wondered, walking down the street?  The rays shooting out from behind the cloud were wonderful.

sunset_3  sunset_4

then, as I watched – was that actually the sun?


It was!  Slipping down from behind the cloud.  Yes, there was cloud in front,because there was no light, just this amazing sight:

sunset_6  sunset_7

and there it was – full and round and yet, not blinding:

sunset_8  sunset_9

It descended so swiftly (& I was interrupted by one of my feline friends, though it was too dull to photograph her, but when I looked back, it was descending towards the horizon and the next band of heavy cloud:

sunset_10  sunset_11

I love the clouds above and around as well:

sunset_14  sunset_12

Last glimpse:


Then it was all glow – shooting up and painting the clouds:

sunset_15  sunset_16

and it faded so quickly:

sunset_17  sunset_18

Leaving barely more than a memory against the coming night:



8 comments on “A MtLawleyShire Sunset

  1. Inga says:

    Stunning! 🙂


  2. cocomino says:

    The sunset is awesome. Nothing is better than nature scene. 😀


  3. bulldog says:

    Great captures… raining all month,?? You are so lucky.. here we are at the end September and still had no rain… I must admit I have predicted a drought this year but don’t want to be right…


    • It was an amazing sunset. Yes, rained almost all month. Westtest September in decades, but the heat’s coming, and expected to be record breaking heat again. So it will be needed. More trees will die this year :-/ There’s drought already in many parts of the country, but not here so far. Up north there were very scant rains, no monsoon. Already bushfires in the east of the country, almost a month early. Climate change = climate instability :-/ THe loss of the familiar patterns is so sad


  4. Some great captures, Keira – and I hope you’re enjoying your chilly serial showers? 🙂


    • Thank you! It was amazing to watch. And the chilly serial showers are not particularly chilly & I prefer them to what’s coming! & it’s not raining today 🙂 Towards the end of next week, I believe it’s starting to warm up. I am guessing we are nearing the end of the rain.


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