MtLawleyShire’s Hyde Park flowers

These were taken last week – this week’s weather was not conducive and due to work and university commitments (presentation) I didn’t have tome to explore further.  Tomorrow won’t be much better – storms and winds and rain!

So, here they are – some wild flowers, & other delights, like ducklings and the Hyde Park Swan family 🙂

Before I got to Hyde Park, I passed the flame trees – these are the last of the flame tree flowers.  I will miss them so much, unless where I end up has flame trees.  I hope so.

last of the flowers

It’s so long since I’ve been to Hyde Park, and Spring is touching it, though the trees aren’t out.  Some of the flowers are though:

gorgeously delicate & brilliantly coloured – the 2nd is commonly known as the ‘bacon-and-egg’ flower

Hyde park_1  hyde park_2

I love the pink and gold of this variety of bottlebrush

hyde park_3


I don’t know what this one is, but I love its geometry & colour, its singularity.

hyde park_5


And the blue of these!  There weren’t heaps of them open, but when in swathes, they are amazing:

hyde park_7  hyde park_6

Now – these are flowers of a different sort: the Hyde Park Swan family sunning themselves on the grass

swans_2  swans_6

swans_3  swans_5

Cygnets preening:

swans_4  swans_1

cheeky willy wagtail & a swamp hen

cheeky  hyde park_swamp hen


an ibis amongst the foliage:

hyde park_4

a rare native parrot (there were a pair of them) in a plane tree:

hyde park_8

& a small family of ducks (I hope they are wary of the swamp hen)

hyde park_ducks_4  hyde park_ducks_3

the ducklings are so cute:

hyde park_ducks_1  hyde park_ducks_2

then it was time to go to Beaufort Street to meet my brother (over from England) for coffee, but on the way: wildflowers growing on the street verge

street flowers_4  street flowers_5


street flowers_3

a lemon Grevillea:

street flowers_6  street flowers_8

street flowers_7

a lily in a garden of shadows:

street flowers_9


I just love these:

street flowers_1  street flowers_2

Onto Beaufort Street: these bathtubs are a wonderful addition to the streetscape – 2 planted with flowers

bathrub_2 bathtub_1

& one, outside a cafe, with herbs


In the evening, I caught sunset glow:


Then evening with Venus and the moon:

evening_2  evening_1

evening moon

Finally, after coffee with the brother, walking home in the dark – an experiment that worked: rose with flash:

rose at night

I hope you have enjoyed this brief taste of Spring and as I write, the rain is roaring and pouring down, over-spilling from the gutters and flooding the courtyard.

No photos tomorrow.


16 comments on “MtLawleyShire’s Hyde Park flowers

  1. Inga says:

    So many lovely colors! Loved the cute geese family and the ducks too. 🙂


  2. bulldog says:

    Your spring at the moment is just so much better than ours… but then you’re getting the rain which we still haven’t had… hot days we have had plenty, still intermingled with a touch of cold, but we need that rain now to wash all the crap away and turn the world colourful….


    • Oh goodness! I feel for you, I really do! Hope you get some rain soon. I am enjoying the next storm (wind roaring outside at the momehnt, though the storm as such hasn’t hit yet). I think October will be the best month for flowers – hopefully I will get a chance to get out there with the camera…


  3. I enjoyed your spring, but at the same time strange, since we have autumn… 😉


    • yes 🙂 I hope once the weather clears a little to gedt more wildflowers. In MtLawleyShire, the spring flowers are a little tardy & the plane trees are yet to burst into full leaf. The only problem with Spring is that summer is coming – and after last summer, I am filled with dread. I would prefer your Autumn :-/


  4. Lovely walk, Keira … What a shame you can’t shoot the bang and clatter of the storm! Glad to hear you’re getting some rain though. Good luck with the presentation. Hope to catch up, now I’m on line at last 🙂


    • Oh! Meredith! Hello!!! I am so busy that I haven’t had a chance to check people’s posts only a couple more months to go, but I have been keeping an eye out for you. Where are you now? And welcome basck 🙂 I hope it all went smoothly & you aren’t too homesick. The presentation went well, now to finish the exegesis, hopefully get feeback from someone (my supervisor isn’t supervising, isn’t here, is no help whatsoever – big headache!) and then my own move to get underway…


      • Are you allowed to sack your supervisor? And … your own move – you’re resigned to it or have an exciting new place to call home?

        Good luck with the exegesis 🙂


      • If she doesn’t put in some good work, there will be another supervisor provided. The university’s unhappy with the situation. I’m not the only student affected. And when I’ve submitted, will be considering my own move – not looking forward to it. Especially as cheaper places down south seem to have vanished :-/


      • Glad to hear supervisor’s in for it in the end.

        BTW, I’m not surprised about rising rents – in the year I’ve been looking they’ve risen dramatically here. Depressing. Get on to it as soon as you can and lock in a long lease … 🙂


      • I want to, but I think it will be summer & that will be that :-/ I will just have to wait & see what happens. Where is ‘here’? QLD? Yeah – their rents rose heaps after the floods, and rents never go down. I am going to have to look for full time work though I’m not sure the arthritis will stand up to it. Sigh.


  5. Anna says:

    Beautiful photos as always, and good luck tomorrow Keira!


    • for the presentation? Done & dusted on Wednesday, but thank you! – or for the storm? Love storms 🙂 It has already started & Fattee Cattee is hassling me to go to bed so she can hide under the covers. Have you found any beauty in your Autumn? & glad you liked the photos.


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