Tuesday evening flowers on MtLawleyShire

I know – it is almost a month since I have posted anything.  I have been working very hard which leaves time for photos & not for posting.

I will catch up with all your posts soon – but please have patience with me.  And forgive me.

So, a few flowers from this evening’s wanderings (birds in another post).

There is almost no blossom left now, all the trees are sprouting green leaves and the ground is bare of fallen petals.  But I found this one.


Flame tree flowers can be counted on two hands… this is a new style I am trialling: playing with contrasts.  It works quite well in some cases.  With cloudy skies, but not with blue skies.  It will be a winter/spring thing, I think.


Pretty flowers – I love that pink.  The white are on a shrub and are perfumed.

Tuesday_25  Tuesday_26


Pretty yellow growing outside someone’s fence:

Tuesday_4  Tuesday_1


A huge azalea bush:


A lily in an abandoned garden:

Tuesday_21  Tuesday_20


All the bushes are sprouting and budding, but there aren’t many roses around yet, but I found a few:

Tuesday_8    Tuesday_6


Scarlet Grevillea


Gorgeous pink native blossom:


And these – I love these.  I know people have told me what they are but I never remember!


Lit by sunset light when the sun broke through the lowering clouds for a few moments:

Tuesday_18  Tuesday_17


& here she is, the prettiest, fluffiest flower of all seasons (even though she was just wanting her dinnah)  It’s another example of this new style I am playing with.



I hope you enjoyed this wee post.  I will try to post more, but I entering the hardest stage of the PhD and tonight am preparing for a collegium tomorrow night at my university.  No stress!!  AAARGH!









6 comments on “Tuesday evening flowers on MtLawleyShire

  1. Anna says:

    Oh, spring time, somewhere. How lush to think that somewhere all the positive new beginnings are gathered while we…oh, my dear Keira, we are soaked. And freezing. Did I mention soaked? We are damp to the core….


    • and today was the frist day here whenit wasn’t rainign – for some time! We have had the wettest Septmeber for 16 years, and it’s not over yet. Rain all this coming week. But it’s good. It means there will be flowers in October – along with probably the start of summer’s heat. Yuck! I will be envying you your Sutumn, though at hte moment, it’s less than 8 degrees. And I must go to bed. Presentation at Uni tomorrow…


  2. bulldog says:

    PhD first then camera…. good luck to you Keira… you go girl…


  3. niasunset says:

    Good Luck dear Keira, You will be in my thought, I send my positive energy 🙂 These are beautiful photographs and flowers. By the way I missed you and I am so glad to hear you. Thanks and Love, nia


    • Oh my dearest Nia! Thank you 🙂 And I have missed all your posts – there just hasn’t been time. I am glad you liked the photos. I miss my blogger friends. I will catch up with your wonderful photos soon. You are in Autumn – I want to see your Autumn 🙂
      Love, Keira xxx


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