MtLawleyshire’s flame tree & honey eaters

Yes, it was sunny enough for photos, but it was windy too – and the singing honey eaters were more interested in lying and fighting than feeding this afternoon.  But I go some good shots.

First, though, just the scarlet flowers against the blue sky – so striking:

flame tree_11  flame tree_13


soaked in sun against the trunk of the old flame tree:

flame tree_12


Or against the green of a neighbouring tree:

flame tree_6

Finally, I got some shots of the wee birds:

flame tree_1  flame tree_2


flame tree_7  flame tree_3


flame tree_5  flame tree_8

flame tree_14


And this one – I was lucky enough to get 2!  Before they started quarrelling, that is 🙂

flame tree_4

And this little one perched on a century old flame tree cropped so much it had no flowers:

flame tree_9  flame tree_10





4 comments on “MtLawleyshire’s flame tree & honey eaters

  1. Inga says:

    Wonderful! Love the red against the blue 🙂


    • YEs – the flame trees (aptly named, although in thier native South Africa I think they are called Coral trees) are worth waiting for. Now all I have to do is get glasses so I can continue phtographing those flughtly honey eaters 😀


  2. bulldog says:

    Another great set of photos… the honey eaters must really be enjoying the early flowers of the flame tree…


    • thank you 🙂 & I think they are, although they are one tree down this year as one of the old trees fell in a storm earlier this year. It makes me really feel for the badly cropped ones much further up the road. I wish people didn’t hate them so much, they bring such beauty with teh flowers & the birds…


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