Bare Branches in and out of MtLawleyShire


And I should have added in the title that mostly they are more black and whites.  The days have been so dull and gloomy with cloud if not actual rain – it is very difficult to get enough light for photos & those I do get?  They are marred with the graininess that I often get in low light.  So I have turned them to black and whites.  I am definitely going to do something with these.

MtLawleyShire’s Flame trees.  Both the flowers & the branches look wonderful in black and white, becoming studies in the complexity of line and shade, the flowers’ balance of gentle grey – in total contrast with their startling and beautiful scarlet which throws even the sky into shade – but in black and white, they assume a different personality:

flame tree_black and white_1  flame tree_black and white_3

flame tree_black and white_2  flame tree_black and white_4

flame tree_black and white_5  flame tree_yet to flower_black and white

A flame tree in another street – it is not flowering yet, though it is covered in buds.  This looks wonderfully storm-tossed (& it was just after some wild weather)

flame tree_yet to flower

These are taken in West Perth tonight.

It is from teh tree that had the lovely coloured leaves and branches that I shot against a cream wall.  All the leaves are gone now, leaving the branches and twigs bare, like haikus of themselves.  They are shot against a heavy sky (it did nothing, just frowned down upon the afternoon and apparently cleared in time for sunset, but I was working so didn’t get to see anything but a brief hint of aftermath):

bare branches_1  bare branches_4


bare branches_3


And these are turned to black and white:

bare branches_2   black and white_1

black and white_3 black and white_4


A street tree in street lights:

street tree_2

and a detail rendered into white against the black of night.

black And white_5


I hope you are enjoying my experimentations.



6 comments on “Bare Branches in and out of MtLawleyShire

  1. Inga says:

    These are fantastic! Beautiful art work 🙂


  2. bulldog says:

    I love what you are doing with your photos… the B&W gives the branches a complete new meaning and ends in a very attractive finish… I can almost see them in frames on someones wall…


    • Thanks 🙂 It’s intriguing & quite challenging each time. But I love that it gives those photos that have too much grain a different way to shine. & it really brings out the inherent patterns of tree branches. I relaly hope I can do something with them.


  3. rabirius says:

    Very beautiful pictures.


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