MtLawleyShire playing with the new lens

Some photos with the new lens – of course, I mostly used the Fattee Cattee & as much as I love her – she is a *terrible* model.  Does she sit still?  No!

So I also took photos of a leaf – a begonia, catching a snatch of bright sunlight & glowing against the dark background:


My lavender is battered by wind, but still flowering & a bee took advantage, & wasn’t I lucky to get this shot:

with bee

Now – for that gorgeous fat fluffy cat.  I am still working out apertures and ISO’s & manual focusing…

girl in new lens_1  girl in new lens_2

& this would’ve been great except I chopped off her ear!

girl in new lens_3

so I did this with it: the face of Fattee Cattee:


The never-ending demand for lemon grass, not having learned that in winter, it doesn’t grow:

wanting lemongrass

& sometimes, she is very black:

very black


(but always gorgeous!)

On my way to work – there were amazing clouds building:


Then the moon played hide & seek:


before it emerged almost free of clouds for a moment:

tonight's moon

& that is the last I’ve seen of it.  Too much cloud.  No – not complaining about the rain, but…



















4 comments on “MtLawleyShire playing with the new lens

  1. Anna says:

    Lovely photos, Keira! Love the begonia, the clouds on your way to work, and the picture of the moon with clouds looks almost like a huge cosmic eye.
    Plus of course the pictures of the star of the show; Ms Fattee. She is gorgeous!


  2. Congratulations with a new lens, that is always exciting. Terrific cat portrait!


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