A MtLawleyShire Sunset in the midst of storms

We are having a little bit of Winter.  There was no sunset tonight – not even a smidge in West Perth.  I didn’t even take my camera to work.  Storms were forecast and they hit – sweeping rain and tumultuous winds – even hail.  It won’t die down until some time on Saturday morning.

This is Thursday’s sunset, and it was pretty:


sunset_11  sunset_12


sunset_9  sunset_13



sunset_15  sunset_2


sunset_14  sunset_16


A tree in a brief moment of red, lowering light:




& this last spectacular piece of day, throwing itself out against the clouds of coming wind and storm:

sunset_3  sunset_5

sunset_7  sunset_18




sunset_4  sunset_8




& a smudge at sunset – she sometimes follows me a few houses down the street and waits, miaowing plaintively…

smudge at sunset

I am not sure there will be any sunsets over the weekend.  This is a sad thing.  No photographing at all – not even playing with the new lens – until maybe Tuesday!

I will go crazy!