A winter sunset in MtLawleyShire

It was a surprising sunset tonight, filled with colour and viewed from two different vantages.

These are from my normal winter viewing angle – all golds and amazing clouds in one spot, as though the clouds gathered around the sun as it sank:


sunset_2  sunset_19

sunset_3  sunset_4


sunset_9  sunset_11


sunset_15  sunset_18


sunset_13  sunset_10

sunset_12  sunset_16

sunset_17  sunset_25


A view of a conifer and the last of the light on a chinese tree:


sunset_21  evening_5

Then I went to the flame tree street and the view was very different, the colours richer although without the brilliance of the immediate sunset:

sunset_14  sunset_7

sunset_8  sunset_22

sunset_20  sunset_6

sunset_23  sunset_24


the early evening moon

tonight's evening moon

and tangled in the bare branches of the chinese tallow


and finally, the almost full moon:

tonight's moon


11 comments on “A winter sunset in MtLawleyShire

  1. HoaiPhai says:

    Beautiful shots! How did you do the one of the moon? Do you have a honking big telephoto or did you crop it out of a much larger photo?


    • thanks 🙂 I zoom & crop 🙂 Not hugely though. & no – it’s my wee point ‘n’ shoot. 🙂


      • thanks. I might do a brief post of the just on almost-to-fooling-the-eye full moon from tonight then 🙂


      • HoaiPhai says:

        I’ll be looking forward to your moon post. I did one a while back (http://hoaiphai.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/super-moon/), you’re welcome to take a look but don’t be startled by the moon’s upside-down appearance… that’s how it normally looks up here in Santa’s Backyard. We see a man in the moon and Asians see a rabbit pounding grain into flour, is there something that you south of the equator types see?

        Here’s a funny video of a some monkeys asking a Korean rabbit named Mashimaro (i.e. marshmallow) what the Rabbit on the Moon is doing.


      • very droll 🙂 I have a very old silk painting of the Korean moon goddess with a rabbit. Seeing as Aust was settled by Anglos, we see ‘the old man’. I don’t know how the Aborigines see it. I should try to find out. & I’ve just posted the moon photos for tonight. Nothing too speccy – although the moon always is 🙂


      • I did my moon post. I tried to link back to yours, but I’m not sure it worked.


  2. Ah, Keira that one’s superb – they’re all stunning, but that first one, that’s something special. 🙂


  3. bulldog says:

    I love the colours of the sunsets that you are capturing… the first photo is something really special…. beautiful…


    • thank you! It was a surprisingly lovely sunset. Not sure what I’ll catch during work break this evening & the rest of the week is forecast to be rain, so no sunsets until next week.


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