MtLawleyShire’s imperfect trees in Hyde Park

Yes, they are trees in Hyde Park – & it’s not so much the trees that are imperfect (how can trees be imperfect!), but the photos.  They were taken on a dark day and therefore were not crisp, sharp or otherwise perfect.  In fact, woefully imperfect.

So,I have played with them a little.

If it is not too much trouble, I would value your opinion on whether these photos are acceptable.

This was a shot of a group of trees.  I liked the framing, but there wasn’t enough light.

hyde park_corner


One of my favourite trees.  It’s in a  spot that doesn’t get heaps of light & there are many photos of this tree I am not happy with.  So this time, I played with it a little.  I kinda like the effect.  What do you think?

hyde park_tree


Same type of tree, but a different one.  Again, it grows in an area where light seldom comes in strongly.  I’ve usually avoided photographing it because of that, but this day, I did.  It looks proper spooky now.

hyde park_tree_2


A group of Moreton Bay figs.

hyde park_trees


An oak that grows along a path, usually in shadow.

hyde park_tree_4


Another oak, usually comes out much clearer, but the day was grey and clouded.

hyde park_tree_5


One of my favourite trees in the park, and usually comes out well as it is nicely positioned for sunlight.  Not this day though.

hyde park_tree_3


the path from William/Vincent Street corner into the park.  These didn’t suffer too badly as the sun was shining when I took these photos, but I played with them anyway.

hyde park_trees_2  hyde park_trees_3


This is another path and it is always dark, but I love the shapes of trees and the light on the tree at the end.  I like the effect.  It intensifies the darkness & adds mystery.  Do you agree?

hyde park_trees_4  hyde park_trees_5

Please, I would really value your opinion.

Thanks 🙂

6 comments on “MtLawleyShire’s imperfect trees in Hyde Park

  1. Snapshooter says:

    These work, of course! Photos shouldn’t always be judged by the quality of the image or the skill of the post-processer, the story they tell should be enough. Lots of the “old greats” in photography have woefully under-quality images (by today’s standards) but they are lasting because of the emotion they express or the story they convey. These are wonderful tree portraits, esp. the first and last; the first because of the wonderful framing (really draws you in) and the last because of the shadow and light contrasts… So, I like them!!! 🙂


  2. HoaiPhai says:

    Nice shots! I find it really difficult to capture trees’ spookiness but you’ve done a great job! Photo #5 looks like two people doing and acrobatic “dance throw”.


    • thanks! I was actually quite annoyed with me that none of the shots worked, that’s whyI thought I’d ‘play’ & it does throw them in a rather spooky light, but that particualr tree doesn’t look spooky at all. & I agree – does look kinda dancerish 🙂


  3. bulldog says:

    They are certainly different from you normal… but the shapes and eerie feel comes through in all the photos… one can tell its cold and cloudy and yet to me the photos are still most enjoyable… as for the shadowy frame work..I love that…


    • thank you 🙂 I actually used a ‘softening’ filter to blur up all the graininess in all the photos. It certainly does make them very eerie which, normally, to me they’re not. So, they kinda work?


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