A winter sunset in MtLawleyShire

Days have been clouded and cold, not always rainy., or cold and clear.  But this night, late last week, was not clear, a bit cold, and threatening rain.  It made for an unexpectedly stunning sunset because of the clouds.

There was a pine tree against the grey, filled with black cockatoos.  They flew off not long after this photo, filling the cold evening with their mournful cries.

black cockatoos

Colour came quietly, smudged by great grey clouds

sunset_2  sunset_3

It deepened and darkened, flared into brilliance down near the crowded horizon

sunset_1  sunset_4


sunset_19  sunset_5


the colours grew richer, the clouds that first blotted out the light became engulfed by it:

sunset_18  sunset_20

sunset_8  sunset_17

then the colour really began, and the clouds filled with hidden flame

sunset_16  sunset_9

sunset_12  sunset_11


colours deepened again, became more vibrant:


sunset_14  sunset_13


& spread across the sky:

sunset_10     sunset_15

and finally, in a thinning out of the clouds: a brief glimpse of the new moon:

this evening clouded moon

then it was dark & cold and I was sneezing & snuffling with flu.  I went in and joined my lovely Fattee sleeping Cattee:



19 comments on “A winter sunset in MtLawleyShire

  1. niasunset says:

    so beautiful so beautiful. Thanks and Love, nia


  2. bulldog says:

    These are wonderful captures… most impressive…


  3. Woolly Muses says:

    That is a wonderful series of photos of a sunset. Hope you save a few sunsets like that for October.

    I wonder at only three likes on this post, hit the like button…apart from being told…’you and three others…..’, reloaded page and was not included as liking you post. Just thought I would pass that on in case you were wondering why the ‘likes’ were not increasing.


    • Thanks you – & why would I save a few sunsets for October??? WHat is happening in October? I am hoping glorious sunsets keep happening, up to, including & beyond October 🙂
      Not sure about the ‘like’ button thing. I have been quiet for a while so a lot of people have dropped off. I think a lot of people look without liking or commenting, which is a pity. So thank you 🙂


      • Woolly Muses says:

        I saw similar sunsets in NT years ago and will be in Perth for a few days in October…so I hope there are a couple to photograph.


      • laughing 🙂 It will depend on lotsa things, mostly weather, but October is changeble & that’s always fun for ‘mazing sunsets 🙂 But NT surely has them – all them clouds & horrible hot tropical weather!


    • Woolly Muses says:

      After all that …..the system decides to work. 🙂


  4. Drama! And there’s Fattee Cattee snoozing … good to see you out and about Keira. Hope it’s going well?


    • Ah Meredith – I really shouldn’t have gone out at all – I’m not at all well but can’t afford to take time off work, so this lfu thing is dragging on & on. But it was a glorious sunset so I was glad I did. & how’s your back?


      • Glad you were (also compensated for being out )by the universe!

        Getting better thank goodness, but irritatingly I have to heed the advice to take it slowly because just one moment’s over-confidence put me back days 😦

        Sorry about the flu – a miserable version is going around here too – fingers crossed so far I’ve been immune!


      • Oh you *must* follow the advice. Bad backs are – well – bad! & you have much travelling, writing & photographing to do 🙂 & yes, I should also do something about this flu thing which today seems to have got worse. & no time off from work for me, so have to muddle on…
        Won’t be any pics tonight – it’s wild windy & utterly darkish grey. Not expected to lift till Thursday so I will be very frustrated by then!

        Get bettah & be kind to you 🙂


      • Keira – take your own advice! 🙂


      • I just got another comment from you – the same one, but this time, all the instructions around your comment were in Spanish!! Made me laugh.


  5. rabirius says:

    Wonderful settings with the clouds and the coloured sky.


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