MtLawleyShire’s zygocactus

It is that time of year – when my zygocactus flowers.  I just love these flowers – their outrageous colour, their intricate form, and the way they hang on the delicate fronds.  Look at they sideways & they fall off.

Let me share some pictures with you:



water drops_2  water drops_7

water drops_10  water drops_8


water drops_3

after heavy rain that overflowed the gutters & flooded the courtyard – & everything in it.  It must’ve been very heavy for the zygocactus to get wet, but I am not sorry.  It did no damage & just added to their beauty.

water drops_4  delicacy_2


delicacy_2  water drops_1


water drops_5  water drops_6

water drops_11  water drops_9

& then the flowers, looking as though they dance or dive, in sunlight & shadow:

zygocactus  dancing


delicacy_4  delicacy_1

water drops_12  flower_3

delicacy_3  flower_2

halflit  diving


They are incredibly lovely, these flowers, coming from an almost ugly plant.

After this flowering, I will repot it and hopefully, next year, wherever I am, it will have even more flowers.

I hope you enjoyed this brief post 🙂


4 comments on “MtLawleyShire’s zygocactus

  1. bulldog says:

    What gorgeous flowers… and great photos of them… loved them on FB and the same here… where the hell are you going.???… have you finished your PhD???


    • 🙂 THey are gorgeous, & something to colour the courtyard during dark winter days (I love winter but my courtyard is always so dark). Haven’t finished the PhD – you would *not* believe the problems! And Perth has got too expensive for me – most of my income is going on rent so I will have to move to one of the outer suburbs. I am not looking forward to it at all. But it will be considerably cheaper. Except for the work & transport angle…but I might end up living reasonably close to the sea. Sadly, there won’t be a Hyde Park down there so that will be the end of Autumn leaves pics. 😦


  2. painterwrite says:

    So gorgeous! I’ve never been able to get mine to flower. They grow well, but no blooms. Sigh.


    • Oh. I can’t take nay credit, it’s the plant itself, so I don’t know how to help you with that. Do you keep it in sort of shade? Spare with the water? But yes, they are gorgeous.


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