Rumble in MtLawleyShire

The other day I had to get some supplies in so off I trotted, full of flu, to Beaufort Street

I saw a raven fly up to the supermarket roof with something undoubtedly yummy in his beak.

On the roof opposite was an ibis.  Very curious.  It flew to investigate.  The raven flew to the air-conditioning unit atop another roof.

That’s when it started:

The ibis flew there and displaced the raven:


which was, understandably, miffed:


& had a go:



But no deal

The loser – standing like Godzilla, probably thinking similarly destructive thoughts:


which clearly did not bother the winner one little bit!




2 comments on “Rumble in MtLawleyShire

  1. bulldog says:

    Great captures… like the sequence…


    • Wish I’d been able to get the camera out quicker! I would’ve caught the beginnings 🙂 & I do with the one of the crow caught mid confrontational flight was clear. Sigh… But thanks 🙂


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