MtLawleyShire flowers – mine & other people’s gardens

A large bouquet – mostly roses, but there are others too:

native paperbark blossom



flowers_4  flowers_6

roadside pretties:

flowers_8  roadside yellow


on a walk_4  on a walk_3


pink things  on a walk_2

Mexican rose:

in other people's gardens_9


in my garden – just these 2:

petunia  unscented but pretty jasmine


Hibiscus – playing with b&w:

hibiscus_colour  hibiscus


How’d he sneak in???


in a walk_1

Now – roses.


flowers_3  flowers_5

flowers_7  just before the light failed


in other pelple's gardens_2  in other people's gardens_3

in other people's gardens_8


flowers_2  white rose


in other people's gardens_5  in other people's gardens_12

in other people's gardens_10


flowers_1  in other people's gardens_1

in other people's gardens_6  in other people's garens_11

with raindrops:

bud with droplets

bud_2  bud



against grey  yellow

in other people's garden_4


In my garden, my one rosebush has flowered more than it ever has before:

in my garden_2  rosebud


in my garden_1  today's rosebud


in the rain

in my garden_3            in other people's gardens_7

bejewelled  yesterday's young rose


in my garden


and finally, my garden’s gift to me: a birthday rose.  Yes, it’s my birthday 🙂



today's rose_1

& the sweetest glower of all:

that face

23 comments on “MtLawleyShire flowers – mine & other people’s gardens

  1. andy1076 says:

    So vibrant and so beautiful, as well as the kitty at the end of course 🙂


  2. kdkh says:

    Happy birthday! Enjoy your flowers and sunshine; we have snow and sleet here!


    • thanks 🙂 There is too much sunshine. This is supposed to be Autumn & we have too much warm, too much sunshine & no rain 😦 But yes, the flowers for the time being are lovely 🙂


      • kdkh says:

        We’re always worried about drought here, and wildfires in summer because it’s so dry. So I understand too much hot weather isn’t always a good thing. We gripe about the sleet and messy driving, but we’re grateful for the precipitation, as we’ve been below average for several years. I hope fall comes for you soon!


      • it just might be starting to happen! Yay!
        on a sadder note – I went down to Hyde Park yesterday & oh – the ugliness. Nowhere to take a decent photo. No calendar next year…


  3. Anna says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Keira; so sorry to hear your news, though. Hope you and your furry friend find somewhere else, equally magic. x


  4. Well … what a fragrant bouquet you gave us for your birthday! FC looks very fetching this morning 🙂


    • Glad you liked it 🙂 ‘Her’ photo was taken a week ago WITH MY NEW (old as in 2nd hand) CAMERA! Most of the flowers were taken with my new best freind – my little powershot still comes with me everywhere though.


      • I’m glad to hear you’re having such a love affair with your “new” camera – I’ve been thinking it’s the only way I’m going to be able to afford a DSLR, especially now with all these relocating costs looming (don’t ask me – not sleeping, tummy’s in knots …). Have a great birthday day. 🙂


      • it was expensive and it’s nowhere near the latest model (only 10mp) but it does produce clearer photos. Now I have to look at lenses!
        I’m sorry your tummy’s in knots & you’re not sleeping 😦 Wish there was something I could do or say…
        & thank you 🙂


      • They say the megapixels aren’t as important as we laypeople think. Yeah – the lenses are what will make it really exciting, I think!



      • yeah – it’s the sensor inside the camera. But – fantastic sensor + megapixels would equal awesomeness. And kenses – I need at least one for zoom, though I doubt I will be going doing to Hyde Park much in the foreseeable future. They’re constructing a cafe. They’re allowing people to walk to the islands so all the birds that haven’t already left will leave because there won’t be anywhere for them to nest. It’s ruined. 😦 A great sadness. Time is coming for me to leave Mt Lawley Shire


      • Oh dear – worse than you had imagined?

        Me, I’m looking forward to the macro lens – I just adore those super close up close ups!


      • it is much worse. It is terrible. There can’t be a calendar this year – not that I can afford it anyway. And yes. I want a macro lens too 🙂


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