Easter Moon over MtLawleyShire

It is Easter Sunday and the waning moon will rise very late tonight.  So here is  Holy Week  as written in the moon, from Wednesday onwards.

Monday was all cloud so the moon was invisible to the earth-bound eye.


Tuesday – & this was the night I discovered my iso readings were off, so the photos suffered.  Which is a great pity because the clouds were wonderful. One night off full.

in clouds_3  moon in clouds

in clouds in clouds_2

in clouds_4  this evening's moon

and later:

tonight's moon

Wednesday – a working night.  But here is it: full and glorious.

tonight's moon

Holy Thursday – just risen so coloured by the atmosphere and then clear of the world: creamy white

easter moon_rising  in the clear night sky

Good Friday

In rising through a sky laddered with streaks of cloud, dusted with the golden ephemera of the lived world:

good friday moon_6 good friday moon_7

goof driday moon_4  good friday moon_5

good friday moon_3  good friday moon_2

good friday moon_1

& clear in the clear night sky

good friday's moon_9

Holy Saturday

Rising late and gold

Easter Saturday moon_1 Easter Saturday moon_2

And here, the clear night sky, late and silent:

Above the world

and now, it’s Sunday Morning.

Happy Easter 🙂

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all, from me and the sleeping girl xx

sleeping girl

16 comments on “Easter Moon over MtLawleyShire

  1. Amy says:



  2. Anna says:

    Celebrating the big pregnant full moon and then the waning gibbous moon…glorious! Thank you.
    And Happy Easter


    • you’re most welcome! Wish I had discovered your comment earlier – but have been working :-/ & have just today heard from my brother that it’s snowing again in Selsey – with those winds from the Russian Arctic. I guess you aren’t too thrilled either. If it makes you feel any better, we had an unexpected almost 37 degree day – and it’s been hot at nights so – not pleasant here either. :-/


      • Anna says:

        I am on strike! I am so cross and furious with this weather; One day of your 37 would be lovely! But then, yeah, I get how terrifying it is to see your plants and trees dying of drought. We really are powerless in the face of Mother Nature, aren’t we.


      • yeah – but yours are all freezing & comed Spring, when it does, no birds etc will have anything to eat. Same thing here though. It’s all so sad & terrible. Make sure you are saving water. I hear you might be in for a drought after your snow.


  3. niasunset says:

    Amazing moon set… I loved them all. Happy Easter to you too dear Keira, Thanks and Love, nia


  4. Fittingly perhaps, Friday’s rising moon shots are stunning, full of drama. Happy Easter to you and the sleeping girl too 🙂


    • Thanks – & yes, I agree. They were the most dramatic which was very fitting.
      Happy Easter to you 🙂
      Is everything sorted? When do you make that move?


      • Sorting is a progressive thing (thankfully, at this stage at least) as each item of furniture I sell moves out of the house! Monday though, the pace will pick up as we’ve a very long long weekend in the middle of the month when nothing happens here which really means that i’ve only a couple of working weeks left before the move which begins on the 23rd April!


      • oh my goodness – it is actually happening! & everything getting squeezed into a terribly finite amount of time. Isn’t that always the way? I hope it goes as smoothly as possible.


  5. bulldog says:

    Good sequence of photos as the moon goes through it’s phases… and a Happy Easter Sunday to you too….


  6. Van ikin says:

    What a great arrangement of photos! I really liked the idea of the moon becoming cleansed and radiant as it rises free of earthly contagion. Some of those moon-shots were downright eerie…. Happy Easter!
    – Van


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