Out of MtLawleyShire: Matilda Bay in the sun

A bright – very bright – sunny day at Matilda bay, having lunch with a dear friend.  The wind off the river was deliciously cool without being cold.  However, the air was a little less than pleasantly fragrant – storms had brought up some detritus, which the gulls didn’t mind:

matilda bay_23  matilda bay_13

but not much seems to perturb the gulls.

A few more pleasant photos of them – they photo-bombed (quite artistically) my attempt to show the beginnings of Autumn in the trees growing along the curving edge of the river:

matilda bay_1  matilda bay_5

No honeyeaters in evidence yet, but the flame tree is a long way off flowering – it must first lose its leaves before winter starts – and there only the beginnings of signs that the former might happen and the latter is still just a hope, but the leaves against the sky do look rather lovely:

matilda bay_9

Along with the gulls, who created their normal havoc at the tables, there were the more composed ravens:

matilda bay_4

matilda bay_2  matilda bay_3

matilda bay_8  matilda bay_14

then, of course – there are the trees:

cape lilac (with raven)

matilda bay_7

embracing the sun:

matilda bay_11  matilda bay_6

Fraternal twins & a trio:

matilda bay_24  matilda bay_22

White grace in the sunlight

matilda bay_15

complex branches:

matilda bay_16  matilda bay_17

matilda bay_18

this is just lovely:

matilda bay_10 matilda bay_12

I love this tree:

matilda bay_19

But this was as close as I could get to show its soaring height

matilda bay_20

because – can you see the bees?

matilda bay_21


4 comments on “Out of MtLawleyShire: Matilda Bay in the sun

  1. bulldog says:

    When in the game reserve the smaller birds will join one at the table.. the weavers etc.. all hoping for a snack.. would hate to share my breakfast with a raven.. he might eat faster than I.. love the trees ..not the bees… but then I hear no yelps of pain so they did not get a hold of you…


    • no, the bees didn’t get me. I like bees but I’m allergic – too many stings when I was a kid. And the ravens? They are far less aggressive than the seagulls!


  2. niasunset says:

    ravens made me laugh….. Thanks and Love, nia


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