MtLawleyShire: a weekend

What a mix of things this last weekend was.  Voting and forecast rain & thunderstorms that didn’t happen and heat and the next day?  The same, but not happy with the result of the vote.  The only good thing to come out of it, as far as I was concerned was this delightful wee New Holland Honey eater and the flowers he was feeding on:


post_19  post_20

If you look closely, you’ll see him actually feeding:


A rose in someone’s garden, lovely & golden:


and of course, my beautiful girl:


I walked in Hyde Park.  Because of the lack of rain & the heat and all the ‘road works’, I stayed away from the water till I saw these herons:

post_25  post_23

post_22  post_24

Apart from that, I walked amongst the trees.  The heat & humidity were revolting.  The trees were lovely though:


post_27  post_3

post_5  post_2

post_1  post_4

and the willows with a hint of Autumn in the plane tree leaves:


post_38  post_40

Flowers on Saturday & Sunday as I walked for sunset photos:

post_10  post_8


& Sunday’s sunset: all sullen and full of storms and rain that never happened:

post_11   post_14

post_37  post_13


post_36  post_35

post_29  post_28

post_18  post_16

post_15  post_30

post_17  post_33

post_31  post_34


But later that night?  Very late?

Rain, thunder, lightning – lots of rain.

My courtyard flooded as the gutters overflowed in a Niagara Falls simulation creating ‘one of the smaller of the Great Lakes of Mt Lawley’.  That hasn’t happened since – I think it’s 2010.

In the morning:

Raindrops on the lemon grass and magnolia leaves:

raindrops_3  raindrops_4

raindrops_1 raindrops_2

My garden smells lovely.  I am off to Hyde Park…

12 comments on “MtLawleyShire: a weekend

  1. niasunset says:

    beautiful so beautiful… Thanks dear, love, nia


  2. Graham Clements says:

    Great shot of the Honey Eater with the flower behind it.- that should be a postcard.


  3. Anna says:

    lovely, lovely rain! I can feel it and smell it, all the way in Hastings! I hope the soil wasn’t too dry and hard to be able to absorb a fair amount?
    And your pictures are fabulous as always; in particular I adore the Mimosa with the Honeyeater, just because he seems soooo content.


    • Thank you! The soil here is sand – so it soaks in rather than runs off which has the downside of nothing going into the dams, but soaks in. My courtyard is still very damp. All the dust has been washed from the trees. The smell this morning was heavenly! And in England, you don’t know that smell. It’s one of the very few things I missed when I lived there – that smell of the first rain: petrichor. Gorgeous word for a stunning scent. The wee honey eater is not in a mimosa – it’s a eucalypt – they are gum blossom and will leave behind big nuts. I have a photo of them somewhere.
      And your torso – I didn’t get to comment. The most recent one. BLOODY STUNNING! I will find the post and comment there. But I loved it. 🙂


  4. Joanna Fay says:

    Such beautiful pics, Keira…love the reflected heron 🙂


  5. bulldog says:

    Noticed on FB that you had had rain… I love all your photos.. a new camera ??.. the trees are outstanding as only you can capture them love the bird and the flowers… love the whole damn post…


    • Parts of Perth got rain, & for once, Mt Lawley was amongst those parts. And I was out in it, decanting my bins into bigger bins – my little water catchment system (lots of plastic rubbish bins ar strategic points) are almost full. First rain since November. It’s yummy 🙂 & I’ve just been to Hyde Park so expect more trees soon – hopefully! & thanks 🙂 Always think of you when I taking tree photos.


  6. What a happy-snappy weekend! The pics are lovely. We got hardly any rain over here in Bentley, though.


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