MtLaweyShire sunset – Wednesday 20 February

After so many bland glaring sunsets, one with clouds was a gift – & it was spectacular, changeable and beautiful.

Of course, there was more to the sunset than just sunset.  There were roses in other people’s gardens:

against evening  red

There were even birds” New Holland Honeyeaters on a wire outlined by a thunderhead in the east, just touched by sunsetty glow

against thunderheads

The sun through the clouds was a glory:


The clouds themselves a low patchy roof of the heat of the day:

sunset_21  sunset_22

Light pouring down in gold, rendering distance magical – actually it’s only the next suburb, but it looks so mysterious:

sunset_19  sunset_30


Somehow the clear sky away from the clouds lost importance:

sunset_31  sunset_25

sunset_27  sunset_26

sunset_29  sunset_33

Then the colours deepened, turned powerful and almost sullen, heavy:

sunset_16   sunset_8

before attaining a touch of gold to lift it into beauty:

sunset_17               sunset_18

the light leaving the sky, concentrating on the massive cloud structures:

sunset_15  sunset_32

sunset_34 sunset_35

sinking, taking the colours and brilliance with it:


sunset_9  sunset_10

touches of sunset-coloured virga in the north:

sunset_11  sunset_12

In the eastern sky, clouds and blue skies:

sunset_28  sunset_24

In the west as sunset faded, just the grey of clouds touched here and there with sunsetty light:

sunset_4  sunset_36

till finally, nothing but the charred remains of day,

sunset_7 sunset_13

of cloud,

sunset_3  sunset_5

of sunset:

sunset_1  sunset_2

Finally, the moon, sailing serene above the clouds

within clouds

& free of them all later in the evening:

tonight's moon

It was wonderful seeing such a sunset.  I hope the weekend brings more.