A quiet sunset in MtLawleyShire – and the fat fluffy cat


It was a very subtle sunset.  A cloudy day with not much more than the scent of precipitation – the forecast showers did not eventuate, and then, by the time sunset arrived, all the clouds were gone.

Very disappointing, though the fattee cattee didn’t seem to mind:

look at that tummee

Then she got impatient for DINNAH!


unimpressedcatching wisdom

I went to check silhouettes in the next street: that golden sky.  I almost forgave the lack of clouds.

copper an attempt at red

I loved the light on this tree:


catching lowering light

& walked around the block for a different view of the sky and found intense gold and colour framed in foliage:

brief gold leafy frame

a tree in a garden – slightly caught in the light:

against evening

The wider view showed how slight the sunset was:

empty of all but glare


I went back to the first street, passing my girl on the way:

my gorgeous girl_2


The silhouette was lovely, the wider view showing a few golden puffs of cloud


almost the end of it         little clouds

There were soft pastels in the south east:

eastern colour  eastern pastels

The sunset disappeared rapidly, leaving subtle shades in the west:

subtle colours  s_colours


She is thinking evil thoughts:

the thoughts are evil

Then – oh!  What was that?  Grrr: noisy neighbours.

noisy neighbours crumbs what was that


why doesn't she just feed me

Tonight’s moon:

tonight's moon

& time for dinnah ?

my gorgeous girl_1

It was 🙂

4 comments on “A quiet sunset in MtLawleyShire – and the fat fluffy cat

  1. marviiilous says:

    I LOVE that pretty fattee fluffy girl!. I have said that before, haven’t I ?! 🙂


  2. bulldog says:

    Another night settles on MtLawleyShire…


    • indeed it does, and we have hot clear weather for the rest of the week, most of which I’m working, so that’s probably the last sunset I’ll see for a week. Don’t like working nights :-/


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