Out of MtLawleyShire – an afternoon at Matilda Bay

An afternoon too hot and time poor to wander too far, with the river unstill and sparkling in the endless sunlight.  But it was nice to stop for an hour, have a coffee with a dear friend, before we both went back to our respective work.

There were so many swans!  On the ground in front of me on the path I took towards the tea rooms.  They have very big feet!  The second of these swan photos (it’s the same swan) paused at the foot of something larger:

Matilda Bay_2  Matilda_bay_3

A large, graceful paperbark:

Matilda Bay_7  Matilda Bay_5

& its flower:

Matilkda Bay_6

A plane tree, leaves burnt by the long heatwave, and the same damage can be seen in the leaves of the flame tree outside the tea rooms:

Matilda Bay_3  Matilda Bay_28

& this one: I am fascinated by its knobbly trunk and the way its branches have grown:

Matilda Bay_4

A cormorant on a post in the river & later I caught him just coming up from a dive:

Matilda Bay_14  Matilda Bay_26

Swans on the river:

Matilda Bay_1  Matilda Bay_17

Matilda Bay_13  Matilda Bay_11

I think this is the River family all grown up:

Matilda Bay_25  Matilda Bay_24

Matilda Bay_29

& sometimes the ubiquitous gull makes a statement: on the beach & against infinity:

Matilda Bay_22  Matilda Bay_18

There were ravens – the 2nd photo is definitely ‘quothing’:

Matilda Bay_20  Matilda Bay_21

Matilda Bay_27

The city from across the river: that infinite blue sky speaks of the heat:

Matilda Bay_10  Matilda Bay_23

Wider views towards the hills, with little bits of wind calligraphy & the long tidal ripples in the river:

Matilda Bay_31  Matilda Bay_30


Through the doorway of the tea rooms: it looks so invitingly green

Matilda Bay_8           Matilda Bay_9

My favourite cedar: foliage & trunk with a patch of sunlight:

Matilda Bay_15  Matilda Bay_16


Matilda Bay_19

& at work, in the small gardens on the corner of 2 busy roads: a bush with tiny white flowers – & a bug!

white flower  and a bug

Finally, home later at night: the moon:

tonight's moon

Hopefully, there will be a gradual cooling.  & hopefully next time I am there, I will have more time.

No sunset photos tonight, as the sky is clear, but I will be able to shoot the moon 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my little afternoon out before work.

10 comments on “Out of MtLawleyShire – an afternoon at Matilda Bay

  1. bulldog says:

    Oh I do love this blog… specially when it’s full of trees..


    • 🙂 They are not as good as normal, ot was so hot & I only had an hour. But there’s some I like. Shall walk tomorrow….
      & thanks 🙂
      I must visit your photographic wonderland soon too…


  2. Madhu says:

    All lovely Keira, particularly the view from the tearoom. But my favourites are the ugly ravens 🙂


  3. Anna says:

    yes, they are all lovely but I fell in love especially with the black swan in your pictures; I so love his/her big reassuring feet and graceful neck…here’s to rain for Perth and sunshine for East Sussex! Oh, we can do with some mellow heat…


    • Ah – yes 🙂 Wandered in front of my hurrying steps & did he pause? Look at me? Nuh 😀 My brother tells me East Sussex didn’t get much of the recent snow – & it wasn’t even all that cold in Selsey. But I guess that’s cause it’s on the sea 🙂
      Thanks for your rain thoughts – & I’ll send you a modicum of warmth – but not too much, otherwise you won’t have a decent spring!


  4. Anna says:

    What a handsome chap! (chapette?) The swan seem quite tame. The ravens, too. And the heat…poor trees; I wish you rain, again


    • The raven? Swans? They are all handsome & I don’t know whether they are make or female either 🙂 The swans are definitely people-accustomed, but I wouldn’t call them tame. No-one goes up to them for cuddles, I can assure yoU! The yes, the poor trees. I wish it would cool down, though tomorrow might be cooler. WE might get a drop or two of rain, but the heat will build again. I am very sick of summer!


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