Monday’s sunset over MtLawleyshire


All day it was cloud pressing in the heat, but not one drop of rain.

It will be the same tomorrow.

I was impressed with the sunset though:



A magpie coloured by the amazing light.




A hint of virga in the violently coloured clouds

sunset_9  sunset_14


sunset_16  sunset_11


sunset_15  sunset_8



sunset_5      sunset_13

looking up William Street – clouds behind the city:


I wanted more detail of those molten gold clouds

sunset_20  sunset_7



& the sun appeared, for almost the first time the entire day:


sunset_20  sunset_24

but it went again

sunset_3  sunset_18

sunset_10  sunset_17

and the sky turns to gold as the sun sinks below the clouds, leaving them turning to dark & grey, and below the horizon, leaving the hot world to a restless night.


I will miss tomorrow’s sunset but I have hopes for Wednesday 🙂

Or maybe tomorrow evening will have some thunderheads…



12 comments on “Monday’s sunset over MtLawleyshire

  1. Madhu says:

    Spectacular scenes Keira. That shot of the magpie is brilliant, literally! Yes, pity about the heat 😦


    • Ah thank you 🙂 Yes, the magpie was wonderful – a young one that had been stalking me – ot almost flew into me! Not a swoop, an accident. We are getting a break from the heat tomorrow which is nice. Just hoping for rain, or at least a sunset structured with clouds.


  2. kdkh says:

    Lovely. Quite a contrast to the snow, here.


  3. bulldog says:

    A lovely set of photos… the virga is captured so well… great set…


  4. A fiery spectacular! And Keira – you mustn’t complain about the heat – it’s the hat that’s made the night for you!!!! 🙂


    • But what about the winter sunsets? Some were just as speccy – without the heat! And sitting here, just after 11.00 pm, with 2 fans going & I’m still sweating. It’s going to be impossible to sleep tonight. But yes, the sunset was rather glorious 🙂


  5. Van ikin says:

    Wonderful blazes of colour, and then the gentle fading as the day ends … a very poetic record. Congratulations!
    – Van


  6. niasunset says:

    fascinated. Thanks and Love, nia


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