Subdued Sunset in MtLawleyshire

You’d think, with the heat, there’d be a fierce sunset of virulent colours, but no.

It was almost subdued.  Almost.  There was something about the understated nature that was menacing, threatening.  It’s beauty is likewise understated.

first – light slanting across the road & picking out emerald verdant green from the street trees

sunset_7  sunset_15

The sky was smeared with cloud, blurring and swallowing the light:

sunset_1  sunset_2

It didn’t intensify, but darkened – the clouds were only in a small area.

sunset_3 sunset_4

sunset_8  sunset_6

One moment of intense glory


The clouds radiated out without taking colour with them

sunset_9 sunset_10

Wind driven calligraphy

sunset_11 sunset_12

the clouds themselves were beautiful, but it was all so static, understated.


the long view is less static and implies the sense of distance between me, across miles of urbanity, to an unseen, unreachable horizon where the sun slips behind the clouds into the darkened sea.


There was no further colour.  THe ramparts of clouds swallowed all, waiting for the heat tomorrow.


6 comments on “Subdued Sunset in MtLawleyshire

  1. niasunset says:

    so beautiful and so artistic.


  2. bulldog says:

    lovely composed photos… really impressive…


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