A walk in the heat in MtLawleyShire

It’s the 2nd day of a heatwave where not once day will dip below the old century, & today it will go well over.  I didn’t set off as early as I wanted to due to various hold-ups, so only walked around where I lived a few decades ago, and though the heat is too much for any flowers, I found a rose or 2 unspoiled by the fierce sun:

red rose

pink roses  pink rose

and trees 🙂

I was taken by the patterns in box tree bark (& thought of Wanderlust Gene as I did)

boc tree bark_2 box tree bark

& here, the papery bark of a paperbark tree:

paperbark tree bark_1  paperbark tree bark_2

paperbark tree bark_3  paperbark tree bark_4

this particular paperbark tree is in a very unphotogenic spot – no matter the angle, the tree is diminished by cars or badly designed modern housing (in what used to be a heritage area).  So, this is all I could take.  I will keep trying.


I came across a lovely Grevillea with a few flowers:

acarket grevillea

& the gnarled, scrappy, scratchy, untidy peppermint trees.  Their girth, their relative lack of height in relation to their girth which increases as they get older somehow add to their attractiveness for me.  And the scent of them 🙂

age delicate stolidity

Intricacies of age:

untidy  intricacies of age and trunk

This little guy popped down onto grass in front of me.  Hopping all over the place.  I was lucky to get this one, almost unblurred shot!

willy wagtail_1

A streetside Plane tree – all cropped on one side.  It looks so peculiar! Esp compared to the grace of the unpruned box tree:

areetside plane tree  gracious box tree

A gardenscape:


White tree limbs against a sea of wind-tossed foliage and a tree dark against the day

white limbs within tossing green  sunlight and shadow

Young lemon scented gums:

Against infinity and the blasting brilliance of midmorning sun.  That deep blue sky is not enhanced.  That’s the colour it is at the moment.  It means extreme UV ratings and a fierce light.  And heat.

against infinity against mid morning

slow dancer

A few blocks on is this tree – a survivor of car crashed and urban vandalism.

survivor  compelling

& finally – these two grace the Bowling club grounds:

tree shape   almost straight

I hope to go walking very early tomorrow morning before the heat so – hopefully, there will be more.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂


10 comments on “A walk in the heat in MtLawleyShire

  1. Oh my dear, I do appreciate your thoughts around the barky bits – the patterns in the box bark look like fur – certainly something alive and vibrant, which of course these wonderful trees are! I particularly liked the layers of paper on the paperbarks – almost edible, like layers of camembert crust. And that UV laden sky … another thing to add to my ‘looking forward to’ list, I do miss seeing that colour and intensity in the sky (and the stars its night time counterpart always brings).

    Glad you’re having so much fun with your new camera. 🙂


    • I’m so glad you liked them – & yes, the pattern on the box tree is striking. As for that deep blue – getting heartily sick of it, like the heat. Today though it;s all cloudy. Not that we’re getting any rain of course. We *might* which translates into *won’t*. It will be the same tomorrow & the day after, then proably back to the intense blue and everything dying of heat – which sadly, some of my plants are. I wish the storms that are everywhere except here would hit. Clear this up a little.
      But yes, the stars are very intense, which is wonderful. & might as well sleep outside tonight. The coolest we can look forward to is 26 :-/


  2. bulldog says:

    The sight of all the trees are magnificent… I love those photos of the bark of the box tree, and those of the peppermint tree… outstanding…


    • I was thinking of you 🙂 Thinking you’d love this post. Hopefully, tomorrow it’ll be Hyde Park early in the morning before the heat hits & there will be more trees…


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