Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

This Weekly Photo Challenge: Home is rather interesting – the immediate interpretation is of one’s wee domicile, and I don’t really have photos of what my home really represents: books!  But home is also where other things live, the things that make it home for me – apart from books.  When I looked around, it was all cats & dragons, with the occasional Cthulhu, more than a few horses, rocks, feathers, spiderwebs and – did I mention books?

But there is very little natural light in here, so, no photos of the crammed bookshelves cramming what should be ample space for one small Keira & her fattee cattee.  Here are a few things that make the main desk where I am organizing this very post home within the home:

things on top of computers, things looking over the desk space (complete with cobwebs), and a friendly cat overlooking the whole every-shifting chaos from the lofty height of a tall bookcase:

weekly challenge_home_7  weekly challenge_home_9

weekly challenge_home_8

Then there are homes of other people: a recent (2 days ago) photo of the local (Hyde Park) swan family.  Those bebes are now – well – not bebes anymore.  But not yet black either.

Weekly challenge_home_1  weekly challenge_home_2

But for me – home is a variety of things.  Honeyeaters in my garden, in my street, in the local flames trees, they make it home:

weekly challenge_home_25  weekly challenge_home_16

weekly challenge_home_36

Home is also the silhouettes against the urban sunsets of my neighbourhood, both winter and summer – silhouettes of trees in summer & winter (with & without leaves), the ubiquitous telephone poles, that tree and the house roof – all of these mean ‘home’ to me.

weekly challenge_home_37  weekly challenge_home_28

weekly challenge_home_10  weekly challenge_home_11

weekly challenge_home_15  weekly challenge_home_24

weekly challenge_home_26  weekly challenge_home_29

weekly challenge_home_30  weekly challenge_home_35

THen there are trees – of course there were going to be trees.  These trees, to misquote Treebeard from Lord of the Rings, I regard as my friends:

Hyde Park’s Moreton Bay figs – from the path coming in from William/Vincent Street corner:

weekly challenge_home_32  weekly challenge_home_19

The plane trees – summer with glorious leaves, and winter with their amazing structure:

weekly challenge_home_14  weekly challenge_home_33

weekly challenge_home_34

The moreton Bay figs further into the park, dappled in sunlight:

weekly challenge_home_13  weekly challenge_home_12

and this, on the edge of the park on the William Street side.  Just glorious!

weekly challenge_home_21

Then there are these massive fellows.  Their mighty sense of presence makes me feel both small and protected:

weekly challenge_home_31  weekly challenge_home_18

And this one – from the corner up the road from me: pied beauty.  He is very difficult to photograph but I love him dearly:

weekly challenge_home_20  weekly challenge_home_23

and of course – the lemon scented gum where I used to live.  My glorious, gorgeous, mighty, and yet fragile, friend.  Is he my favouritest tree?  Ah, when choosing amongst so many.  But this is the one I used to sit beneath, stand again, try to hug (he’s really too big).  He is the one I know best, means home in a deep inside way:

weekly challenge_home_3  weekly challenge_home_22

weekly challenge_home_17

& this, caught in sunsetty light, is the tree in the block of units where I live.  Filled with birds and falling bark and branches.  He makes a mess and lovely sounds in the wind:

weekly challenge_home_27

And, of course, home is this one.  I am her home and she is mine.  Where she is is my home.  And where I am is her home.

weekly challenge_home_6  weekly challenge_home_5

weekly challenge_home_4

This was a very interesting challenge.  And I went overboard – again!  I hope you forgive me – & enjoy my interpretation.

Looking forward to seeing yours…


23 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. kristc99 says:

    Beautiful! and those trees… wow! What amazing trees.


  2. Jo Bryant says:

    what a gorgeous kitty


  3. ferret says:

    Now I’m inspired to photograph some of my RPG items, souvenirs from Nippon 2007, my garden and local wildlife.


  4. frizztext says:

    my favorite:

    to live in with a tree house, that would be fine!


    • that is one of my favourites as well, and I’m not all that sure what it is. THey are simply huge trees – sitting solidly in the landscape, spreadin shade and beautify far and wide. I think – I’m not sure – but I think it’s a Brachychiton populneum. I don’t know its ‘common name’.
      & yes, living in a tree house would be brilliant! Even my cat would approve 🙂


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  6. bulldog says:

    A post full trees… in that special way you catch them… who’s going to complain about you going overboard… certainly not me….


    • laughing – I thought of you as I posted them 🙂 & I’m not lying – those trees – & many others (the peppermint trees in another area of MtLawleyShire, for example) do give me a feeling of ‘home’, just as trees I have no digital photos of – trees in the backyeard of the home where I grew up in Melbourne – loom large in my sense of home. And then, there are trees in England….
      Yes. Trees. Love ’em.
      Glad you liked it though 🙂


      • bulldog says:

        I think you would so enjoy some of the trees here… I’ve given up trying to take photos of them and have had to admit to myself I can’t depict them in the same manner that you can… and yes trees a passion of mine…


      • I enjoy trees anywhere, but yes – you would have so many that would resonate with Australian tree shapes, and many of the ones I love are actually more or less natives of South Africa 🙂 & you shouldn’t give up – although you do have all those lions & antelopes & bids and…. I’m lucky if I get honey eaters. I reckon that evens us up 🙂


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  8. Amy says:

    All beautiful… but the trees, oh the trees!


    • 🙂 Yes. I love trees. All trees are beautiful (even the stringy bark) & ot was damn difficult figuring out which photos to post, & some have been in other posts, but…I had to choose!
      Thank you 🙂


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