Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but the one I made this year came a little before New Year – it came when I got my new camera.  But this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved made me realize that it really is a resolution, but New Camera’s Resolution instead of a New Year’s Resolution.

So, for this Weeky Photo Challenge: Resolved, I have resolved the following:

To continue to experiment with ‘architectural’ themes – contrasting straight city lines with the more complex shapes and shades of the ‘natural’:

resolved_1  resolved_21

To learn how to get the best out of the settings on the new camera for sunsets – especially as I am thinking of doing ‘urban sunsets’ for next year’s calendar:

resolved_9  resolved_5

To become more involved with trees: shapes and shades of trunks and branches (it has been too hot for much walking so I haven’t been back to Hyde Park since December when I got the last shot for the calendar – these are of another park) – and I must go down to Hyde Park before long, just in case I am doing a Hyde Park Calendar for next year (though that will make it the 3rd calendar on that theme, so maybe not)

resolved_15  resolved_13

resolved_16  resolved_12

resolved_11  resolved_17

To become aware of objects in unexpected places that make interesting photos (this was from a shop window in the city):


To explore different styles and subjects & macro!

resolved_3  resolved_8

To learn the full potential of macro for flowers:

resolved_2  resolved_19

& to learn the correct settings (one of these is the wrong setting so is not perfect at full size – lots of horrid little white specks):

resolved_22  resolved_26

To play with macro (& learn the meaning of camera shake!!):

resolved_6  resolved_10

To explore the texture & colour of bark:

resolved_7  resolved_23

to be open to the unexpected & – again – those camera settings!:


but above all – be utterly open to the delights of the natural world, even in the most manicured of settings like a small, suburban park where I found – almost trod on – 2 sparrowhawk younglings waiting for parents to do a food drop:


resolved_14  resolved_4

& finally, along with all the teaching and the writing (of thesis, poetry & novels) to remember why I started photography in the first place.  I will be doing more of this sort of thing this year – painting (this is a design I did for Christmas, based on all the honey eaters in flame trees I took last winter):


& of course, my fluffy gorgeous girl:

resolved_27 resolved_28

& just one more – to post at least once a week & set time aside to look at & comment on all yours – I have missed you.

Oh I hope I can do all of this, along with everything else.


almost forgot to do this :

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16 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

  1. A wonderful post, and really lovely photos!


  2. eof737 says:

    You have an impressive selection of shots. 🙂
    •.★♥★Happy New Year to You & Yours!★♥★.•


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  4. […] Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved (mtlawleyshire.wordpress.com) […]


  5. Lots of lovely bark studies – what a treat – and the sparkling resolution of your new camera 🙂

    Hope you finish TT soon and can get stuck into the fun stuff without feeling guilty!


    • Thank you! And yes – I *can* do bark now 🙂 Thought of you! & everytime I plan out the evening with lots of work ahead, something delightful comes up to take the evening apart: tonight a dinner, last night SHakespeare in teh Park (not enough light for good photos of gorgeous trees sadly, or the kookaburras swooping on people’s picnics). Work solid tomorrow! Thesis & Lesson planning…


      • Shakespeare in the Park – does that mean the heatwave’s moved on east at last? Sounds delightful with the kookaburras swooping on unguarded picnics – there’s probably a painting or story in that, a modern day Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie. Have a productive day tomorrow 🙂


      • the heatwave has moved- to the eastern states and Tasmania has gone up in flames. Hobart experienced 41 degrees – unprecendented heat. Fires raging everywhere. Terrible. So much destruction. At the moment, it’s not known if anyone has died.
        Here it’s a hot weekend & slightly cooler for the working week. And as it is a working week for me as well, I will just *have* to be exceedingly productive 🙂
        & maybe a story in the kookaburras 🙂


      • I saw Tasmania was bracing to be included in the mainland heat – terrible about the fires – must tune into the news tonight to catch up. Take care 🙂


      • it’s still ongoing, though the danger from some have been downgraded


      • Some relief then … thanks for the update Keira. Perhaps there’ll be a news bulletin in the late afternoon – I never know the schedule, though I have to admit I’ve come understand I rely on the Oz Network as a sort of emotional filament linking me to ‘home’.


      • I believe there is – & now is the time heartbreak and horror sets in. Poor people. I don’t know when the bulletins are that would reach you. DO you listen to – is it Radio Australia? The one tha covers all of the Asia-Pacific area?


  6. niasunset says:

    Great shots. Fascinated me dear Keira, Thank you. Have a nice weekend, love, nia


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