2013 Calendars of MtLawleyshire’s Hyde Park

This is the second calendar I have done (& I am rather terrified of the cost, those I have already pre-sold a few).  Most are done as gifts.  So, as you are all those with whom I have delighted to share my ‘visions’ of MtLawleyShire over the year, I thought I would share the calendars with you as well.

You can’t upload files from Publisher, so I can’t actually upload the actual calendars, so these are just the photos, many of which you will have seen.

I do both portrait and landscape orientation photos, I do 2 calendars.  I will put the photos in the order in which I used them, and put them side by side: portrait with landscape next to it.

The covers:

Calendar_2013_18  Calendar 2013_11


Calendar_2013_4  january_3


february_4  Calendar_2013_34


Calendar_2013_30  Calendar_2013_22


Calendar_2013_19  Calendar_2013_21


Calendar_2013_14  Calendar_2013_26


June_July  Calendar_2013_9


June_1  July_landscape


August_2  rain and sunlight


Spring green_2 2012  Spring green 2012


october_portrait  october_landscape


november_4  Calender_2013_28


December_2012  december_2_2012

End papers (& these are very small on the last page below December):

back cover_portrait  back cover_landscape

raindrops  July_2 2012


I just wish they weren’t so expensive to print.  But it’s great when you see them done 🙂





14 comments on “2013 Calendars of MtLawleyshire’s Hyde Park

  1. Madhu says:

    Wow! These are stunning, that August landscape in particular!


    • Thank you! people who received them do seem to like them – & you’ve picked out one of my very favourite photos I was so lucky to get that shot of rain & sunlight.


  2. Sunshine says:

    You did a great job! 🙂


  3. bulldogsturf says:

    I am impressed… how beautiful…


    • 🙂 Thanks. I just had one printed for urgent dispatch via a friend’s mother (saves postage to the US) & then Angie, who prints my photos & calendars, suprised me by printing *me* an a3 sized portrait calendar. OH! If I could afford it, I would print them all a3!! The photos come up really well (problems with my little camera notwithstanding).
      But she says that that’s 2 years in a row of Hyde Park. I have to do something else for next year. Maybe sunsets?


  4. Very nice! 🙂


  5. niasunset says:

    So beautiful, so beautiful, I love your tree and park photographs. Thank you, love, nia


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