Flowers mostly: a walk in a small part of Mt Lawleyshire

It’s a while since I’ve had the chance or time to just walk around, looking at flowers and trees.  Working nights and often days, I get no chance for taking sunset photos or any others!  It was mostly flowers.  The area I walked in – which is where I usually take sunsets – isn’t that big on trees – very sadly so as one of my favourite trees – a flame tree which I took many, many photos of earlier this year, a scant few months ago, has been chopped down.

It’s heartbreaking.  This is all that remains and leaving a terribly empty space.

no more flame tree flowers  terrible emptiness

It should’ve been like this:

flame tree  which gives a place for birds – feeding and shelter.  I will miss the flowers and birds next year.

On a happier not – box tree blossom which are so delicate compared with the trees themselves

box tree blossom

and I don’t know what these flowers are, except they are very delicate:

unknown delicate blossom

These tiny things are very difficult to photograph and are from a bush just down the road from me.

pretty little things

I have no idea what these flowers are – coming from a bush with great long thin branches falling over a high stone wall.  They remind me of flame tree flowers, but they can’t be: it’s the wrong season and it’s not a tree.  But very similar in shape and colour.

beautiful scarlet  more scarlet

This is pretty catching the sunlight

catching the light

& these Jacaranda flowers – which survived the wind and storms, are highlighted against a wall:

colour against a wall

Honeysuckle and frangipani added wonderful perfume to the warm air:

honeysuckle  frangipanni

& this little singing honeyeater watched me as

watching me

I photographed these kangaroo paws in the wind in someone’s garden:

in the wind  kangaroo paws

there were roses, but many were out of range.  But these were pretty and glowed in the afternoon light.

very pretty  solitary with glowing colour

An usually coloured jasmine almost camouflaged against the brick wall

almost camoflauged

& one of these: I love these 🙂


This small bush intrigued me with its twisting branches:

lovely twisting growth

& when I got home, a certain someone was tired of waiting and wanted dinnah!

yawning - seriously

I hope you enjoyed my little amble around the streets – except for the tree that is no more.



4 comments on “Flowers mostly: a walk in a small part of Mt Lawleyshire

  1. wendys2013 says:

    Loved the amble through . So sad to hear about that beautiful tree … I mourn it too .


    • Wendy? My Wendy Strahan? 🙂 hello. About the tree – it was just after the last storm we had & 2 days ago, I found out that it had fallen. Without warning. Just fallen. Those trees are over 100 years old and the woman who told me lives on the street – one of the flame trees I love photographing is right outside her place. Limbs came off that flame tree as well, and sadly, the council doesn’t seem interested in looking after them. Probably because they’re *not natives*. Grrrr.


  2. bulldogsturf says:

    I loved the amble… if you ever find out what those red flowers similar to the flame tree, please let me know… I photoed some the other day on a bush, and it’s exactly the same… but I have no idea what it is….


    • ah! Probably because they come from your neck of the woods. And I’m sorry that the one tree I photographed was the one that was cut down. It must’ve happened in the last couple of days because the last time I took photos of sunset, it was there. I will mourn that tree – and there will be many birds who must be so confused that it is no longer there.
      Glad you enjoyed the amble though 🙂


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