Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

It seems only a short while ago that there was a Weekly Photo Challenge with Reflections as the prompt, so I will try to choose different photos for this.  And I do have some reflections that aren’t all Hyde Park which is sadly not very photogenic at the moment as the works renovating the islands and the ponds continue.

So, it is all geometrical shapes and mirrors for this Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections.

Buildings reflecting morning light:

reflections_November_3  Reflections_November_9

This old building – the Battye Library – is reflecting morning light bouncing off the glass of this neighbouring Alexander Library.


Reflected morning brilliance bouncing off glass and steel


then there are windows reflecting buildings and the skies beyond:


Or simply other buildings:

Reflection_November_4  reflections_November_2

the infinity of reflections in an arcade so new there is almost nothing in it:


The chaos of windows reflecting into windows… or life behind and beyond the windows making a mockery of physical borders and boundaries and existence:

Reflections_November_15  Reflections_November_14

Windows reflecting sunset, looking into other worlds:

reflections_November_10  Reflections_November_11


buildings reflecting the bright light of sunset:


And this: a pelican sailing on its own reflection, itself mirrored into the sandy floor of the preternaturally still Swan River that itself reflection the unseen sky.


I had more photos than I expected 🙂  I hope you enjoyed these sometimes experimental attempts at interpreting this week’s theme.