Saturday’s thunderstorm-y beauty

Thunderstorms.  They were everywhere, all around, but here?  Very little rain and the storm itself passed to the east of me.  So no lightning flashes and sizzles, no great claps of thunder, just rumbles and grumblings like the sky was hungry.  Some areas got hail and drenchings.  Not here.  Sigh.

But there were moments as the storm passed – an hour or so before sunset:



and far to the west, signs of clearing.

Then, an hour or so later – sunset which went from subdued to overwhelming:




these were taken about 15 minutes after those above:


It morphed into the most amazing colour:


more and more spectacular:


The glow was astonishing and breathtaking:


Rain was visible elsewhere:


but that colour took my breath away:

then it turned luminous as it faded

and finally, all subsided into night.

Hope you enjoyed these.  It won’t be that spectacular tonight!  The sky is a bright, deep blue and clear.  But maybe I’ll get to see the moon 🙂