Matilda Bay this week


Yes, I know, I should be studying, but I’ve just finished hours of lesson planning so thought I’d do a little more sharing.  I had the chance to go to Matilda Bay this week – the first time in ages!  And the day started out calm, and getting hot.  When I got there, the first thing I saw was the Swan River family:

The cygnets are much bigger than the ones in Hyde Park (will post soon), & all untidy with feathers growing through their fluff.


This swan was only a little out of frame.  They all stayed together.

From where I was sitting, the angle afforded this view:

& I loved the bark of the cape lilac:

And I can never resist this ancient-looking cypress:


a young magpie (its parent was very close):

and then – the clouds rearing up behind the city into the clear blue sky:

They were so magnificent – not that we got a drop of rain or anything from them – & it’s been the same all week!  Maybe 10 drops of rain, but nothing else.  Some wind,, just cloud, build-up and it all dissipates.  The same thing is happening today as well.  It’s infuriating!

I played with the photos – so there are black and whites of the same shot:

different treatment which gives different atmospheres to the same shot:


but I just love the clouds:

In this one, a plane is escaping what looks to be wild weather:

More play – I just love how the clouds diminish the city:

& this one – massive flat plane of shadow pressing down on the spread out city.

If only it had rained, or stormed, or something….


one evening

Thunderstorms have been circling Perth – lots of dramatic looking skies, but barely a drop of rain.  And no storms, despite the visuals.

This particular evening (earlier this week) the sky had been cloudy all day and as sunset time approached, the clouds got heavier and heavier.  There goes my chance to photograph sunset, I thought.  Nonetheless, I went out at about 6.40 (sunsets are now quite late) and sure enough – barely nothing at all.  The colour was almost oo low to get anything at all.


So I turned to go home (just around the corner) and passed a rose silhouetted with colour against the grey sky.

I turned for one more look and –

That was unexpected.  So I walked down a little to get a better vantage:


More brilliance, then as I watched, the sun blasted from beneath the clouds:

It sent out an obliterating brilliance


then the clouds pressed down again:

The colour flaring up to the clouds was amazing, but sadly – my battery began to say – ‘I’m running out of juice’ and – unbelievably, it began to rain.  Thumping great uneven drops.  Not good for little cameras.

but I could not resist the incredible colours the setting sun left on the clouds:


and the last – the glow and colour!  It was gone shortly after this photo, night pressed in and all the rain stopped.


then inside I went and