Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

For me, Renewal means flowers – regrowth, and mostly that’s Spring and I daresay I am not alone there.  So for this week’s WEekly photo Challenge: Renewal, I have scrolled back through a few months to find examples of renewal – & this being Perth, it is still continuing.

One of my favourite haunts, Hyde Park, is showing more signs of devastation rather than renewal at the moment, and as a result of all the works being carried out to restore the ponds, most birds have left.  There is one family though, maintaining their ducklings on the sand bridge built to the easterly island (which is now stripped bare).  But the duckling, hopefully having been born here, will remain so that when the park is recovering (hopefully by March), they will stay through Autumn & winter and be ready for their own Spring.

The mother with her troop of fuzzballs is at Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley campus.  The campus usually has ducks, but it’s not all that common to see them wandering down the path from the outside cafe towards the library.



These signs of renewal are more subtle – the south-west kangaroo paw, out very early, but still beautiful, and tiny everlastings at the base of a clump of unwoken flowers


A garden bursting into colour (taken at sunset)

Blossoms – non-native but lovely


more blossom & a tree of it (almond)



more flowers.  The tree is full of these beautiful flowers (lovely pinkish colour turned rose-gold by sunsetty light)



a tree that makes lovely silhouettes while leafless begins to burst into flower, attracting Port Lincoln parakeets and honeyeaters


the first of these is a honey eater (wattled) & parakeet facing off amidst nectar laden flowers


the most renewing of all things in Perth: Rain.  This is at Matilda Bay.



Eucalypt blossom

new growth on a bank of bottlebrush – Hyde Park

new leaves on the plane trees, Hyde Park



Bohenia bud and flower (West Perth)


The Jacaranda trees are now in full flower, signs of late Spring.


& being bought up a Catholic, had to include these – rainbows, at the end of storms.


I feel I was utterly predictable with these images, but I still hope you enjoyed them.

Shall link to as many other entries to this Weekly Photo Challenge as possible.


(but for some reason, I’m limited to 10 links.  Grrr)