Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

With all the photos I have been taking over the last few weeks – city photos – how could i resist this week’s Photo Challenge: Geometry.

Yes, I’ve taken the challenge at face value, and considered – for the most part, geometry as lines and angles and clean spare shapes (although within one shape are many others), but for the most part, I love the contrast of shapes against shapes or sky with tis cloud shapes (where there are clouds) and tree shapes (where there are trees).

Most of these city shots are taken early in the morning on the way to my teaching gig.

Building’s whose shapes intrigued me because of their stark lines against sky:

the Alexander Library building in Perth and a residential/commercial block on Murray Street against cloud:


a building on William Street just as sunlight hits the world:

The material of this is so reflective it darkens the sky in contrast – Heath Ledger Theatre in Perth:

This building – commercial and residential on Barrack/Hay Street is so stark – from this angle:

On Murray Street – a conglomeration of squares and lines:

From this angle, all the skyscrapers are crammed into a small space: lines and blocks against the sky clouded with whisps:

stark geometries


West Perth – very stark – taken in early evening:


from the lower end of Barrack Street – a medley of different geometrical shapes:

older geometries – the old boys’ school in the Plaza, Northbridge:


Matilda Bay – the 1s the distant geometrical shapes of the city:

Natural geometries – which I much prefer: a flower and a leaf:


the geometry of trees: the first is in Hyde Park, the 2nd a flame tree around the corner from me


plane trees in winter, the first with rain.  The geometry is not as stark as in city buildings, but there all the same


the geometry of telephone poles against sunset felt like a good way to close:


I think I’ve over done it 🙂  If you got through them all, well done and thank you 🙂



32 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

  1. eof737 says:

    Wonderful geometry… 😉


  2. Madhu says:

    That west Perth shot with the moon is stunning Keira! And the Matilda bay one is an old favourite 🙂


  3. niasunset says:

    The colours and trees are my favorite I mean geometry not my focus… These are wonderful photographs dear Keira, Thank you. How are you, hope your work is going well. Best wishes, love, nia


    • Dearest Nia – thank you 🙂 As you can guess, I have been working hard and long. My work is going slowly! I miss you. But soon, I hope, I can get back to blogging on a more timely basis. Keira xxx


  4. Van ikin says:

    Definitely not overdone from my perspective: you gave a really extensive survey of the city’s “hard” geometry (and I found that survey fascinating), then you rounded it off with more soothing geometries. Very well done (as always) I thought!


    • Oooo – how lovely to hear from you here! & thank you. & isn’t it nice to know that all those early mornings (we’re talking 5.00 am) were worth it 🙂 Though a friend told me that I really do need a ‘professional’ camera. So – I IS BORROWING ONE!!! This week 🙂


  5. zannyro says:

    I don’t think you over-did it…they were great to the very last 🙂


    • Thanks 🙂 & thanks for stickling with me too – I will be catching up with everyone soon & I *know* I’ve missed some wonderful posts from you! & I hope you weren’t affected by Sandy, you and all your woodland friends….


  6. Cheryl says:

    What an eye you have for the geometry in all things, natural or not!


  7. Well, you’ve got a bit of making up to do Keira 🙂


    • In what sense? she asks, not sure whether to be outraged or not – or were you referring to the fact there were a lot of photos! 😀 & how are you? Missing you!


      • Yes! So many pictures – but you haven’t been posting much lately, so you could be forgiven! But a little outrage might not be a bad thing – I like the occasional fit of outrage 🙂 Miss you too – but these occasional posts have been a good way to keep tabs on your progress.

        (Sorry this is being answered so out of turn – seems I had a little cluster of comments that got lost in no-man’s land!)


      • The occasional burst (I prefer bursts to fits, as the latter could be misconstrued) of outrage is wonderfully therapuetic if not downright cathartic for the soul, the throat and the sense of one’s social rankings 🙂 Hope you liked all the anglular bits. Now, must get back to – um – either lesson planning or plotting footnotes of writing the introductory actual essay-y bits of my real full-on exe-bloody-gesis.


      • You’re right about ‘bursts’ of outrage – even feigned it should only come in bursts!

        I always used to leave footnotes till late at night – and that was a mistake I think – we need our pernickety brain working at full speed to make sure all those little ‘i’s and ‘t’s are just as they should be – so I hope you went back to lesson planning!

        Anyway, what are you teaching Keira – you didn’t say!


      • I’m teaching ESL – English as a Secondary Language. It can be great fun, but I resent the workload. You only get paid for the actual teaching, not the hours you spend researching & planning lessons. This is why I’lm looking for other work. Oh – & it’s only ever casual, like university jobs now 😦
        Been ersearching the exegesis again today – need some other stuff, and can it be found in Australia? NO! So, once more reduced to buying books 😦
        And this weekend, will be starting on the bibliography….


      • Right, I see, yes, a job, and even though it can be fun in the classroom you have to prepare for each class cause you can’t afford to wing it! But I’m soooo glad you’ve got something for the rent!

        Just last week I heard of a Queensland university announcing it was closing down completely, and the report warned that quite a few institutions may no longer be viable unless they change their ‘models’ – and your saying that they’re not filling full-time positions just confirms what i thought they were talking about.


      • oh god – which uni? I’ve read a report that says no Australian uni will be viable by 2025 because mostof the jobs are in the back office, id: admin & associated bullshit. tutoring? Casual only.Lecturing? casual only. & in the Humanities? not even that half the time. I’m certainly in the wrong area!!
        & yes, I’m glad I’ve got something for rent, & have had enough extra work to pay down debt a bit, though that’s dried up now. Shall keep plugging away at it…Ir’s getting difficult to survive. And in another couple of months, I’ll get notice of another rent rise…


      • How come the rent goes up so often? Inflation’s supposed to be the lowest its been in decades and interest rates lower than at any other time in my lifetime – I don’t see how they can justify these continual rent increases – it’s unconscionable!

        I didn’t catch the name – regional Queensland, I think.

        Yes, you’re going to have to morph over to films or computer games, I think – there seems to be no money for creatives anywhere else!


      • because this is Perth and we’re in the lucky country – which it is if you’re part of the mining fraternity. For everyone else, it’s not that funa ride. & my rent goes up twice a year at whatever rate they choose because there’s no law to say otherwise. It’s not a tenant’s market – very little housing availability and Perth’s population growing like crazy.


      • You’ve gotta get out of there mate!


      • & have just realized that you’re replying to something that’s dopped off my page….


  8. bulldogsturf says:

    The geometric shapes exist in everything… and yours are great… loved the trees of course… but keeping a check on your photography on FB


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