Apologies, birds and flame trees- Mt Lawleyshire and Matilda Bay



My dears – I want to apologize for my absence – & after this, I will be absent again for a while.  I will look through all your blogs.  I know there are wonderful things just waiting for me in your posts, but right now – oh my God I am soooooo busy!

So, as a way of apology – Flame trees, flowers, the moon & birds.  I don’t know if it’s a native or not – I suspect the latter, but it certainly brightness up the streets.

The Flame tree is one of those trees of beauty and ugliness – depending on the time of year.  Right now – its beauty, before the big ugly leaves come and while it’s full of flowers – & birds!

It’s difficult to get a photo of the street & its flame trees but maybe these give you an idea.  They’re quite large trees and the scarlet en masse is striking.


This is against the pastel shades of the eastern evening sky

and this against the glow of sunset.


Next a few shots of the flowers themselves.  Most of these were taken around or just before sunset, and the flowers really soak up that particular glow





The following were taken earlier in the day – both fine and cloudy:



There is also a flame tree outside the Matilda Bay tearooms, and on this particular day, it was raining and cloudy – a wonderful backdrop to the delicacy of flame tree flowers and branch ends:

Then there is the flame tree and the moon:





Finally – flame tree flowers and birds.

Birds love the flowers.  They must be packed full of nectar!

First – Port Lincoln parrots – colourful noisy little ferals from South Australia:


New Holland honeyeater – these were taken at Matilda Bay on a day when it wasn’t raining:






And from the tree around the corner from my house – singing honeyeaters.  Very difficult to catch, these little guys – the flit and sing and happily taunt me as I try to take photos 😀




The flowers are fading and falling now, the roads covered in crushed scarlet curves and soon the large ugly leaves will come out.  They do give shade, but conceal the astonishing beauty of these trees.

I hope you have enjoyed my apology.



28 comments on “Apologies, birds and flame trees- Mt Lawleyshire and Matilda Bay

  1. zannyro says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!, the flame trees!! And the honey eaters, and the flame trees and the Moon, and the flame trees and the yacht….LOVE IT ALL!!


  2. Madhu says:

    Lovely way to apologise with those stunning images! My, you really are busy! All the best and don’t stretch yourself too much 🙂


    • I cannot resist the flame trees – they are so photogenic at the moment, though now they are losing their flowers and the leaves are coming. They aren’t nearly so wonderful to photograph when in full leaf – & the birds won’t visit so often either. So I am taking full advantage. I’m really glad you enjoyed them 🙂


  3. kdkh says:

    Lovely. Thanks for the parrot pictures. We have several in our home and it’s nice to see them in the wild. I like your style of photo composition.


    • THank you 🙂 Though these aren’t native to Western Australia and are causing havoc amongst the local populations. Somewhere I have phtos of galahs – they’re native & wonderful, but not quite as colourful.


  4. niasunset says:

    What a beautiful apologies… You are so nice dear Keira, I miss you but I know you are busy and it is so important for you. Don’t worry for the posts and comments, whenever you have time you are always welcome. And you know I love your photography, especially trees… They are amazing again… so artistic. Thank you dear Keira, Good Luck, with my love, nia


    • I’m so glad you liked my apology, Nia 🙂 I know you are posting wonderful things but right now – oh – so much to do! And I have just got a part-tiime job which is teahcing English so that’s even more work! But I am heading toward financial darkness so I must. But I can’t stop taking photos either 🙂 I’m glad you liked the pics. & I hope you are well & happy. I miss you. Keira xxxx


  5. marviiilous says:

    Such beautiful photos! Appology accepted 🙂


    • 😀 Thanks! Flame trees at this time of year are astonishingly beautiful, like the moon, sunsets, evenings and rain – not to mention birds. I can’t really go wrong 🙂


  6. bulldogsturf says:

    What a lovely surprise for me this morning… a blog from my favorite Aussie, and what does she give me… TREES and BIRDS and MOONS and of course the very best SUNBIRDS or HONEYBIRDS as she calls them… your photos are like a breath of fresh air and so welcome as an apology, feel bad as much as you want and keep apologizing every now and then….
    Erythrina family it looks to me we call them the Coral Tree.. am I right… lovely trees that we used to call K….r trees in this country, although why I have no idea and I do prefer the coral name it is far more descriptive of what one sees… I love it this time of year when they begin to flower as you know the birds love them and the opportunities to catch a shot or two is great…
    I hope all’s going well with the PhD… I do miss you though… but it is an important time for you… and I still want to be able to say I followed her before she got her PhD… Keep at it… I can wait…but not too long I’m getting on in years…


    • 🙂 I love the honeyeaters – the singing honeyeater is the most common around here, the New Holland or wattled around but more prevalent in other areas – the little stiped & dotted one (I have a photo but elsewhere -& the wee silver-eye – I can never catch those! I like the name Coral tree too – though flame tree seems even more appropriate – the flowers look like still flames. But to give you an idea of why I’m not posting so often – this morning’s post took an hour. I just don’t have that time to devote to it right now – & I have some wonderful tree ones, because I’m still taking photos 🙂
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. & I must catch up on yours – you’ve been posting more about birds…


      • bulldogsturf says:

        That I have and I even have of the humming bird… The flame tree and coral tree we have them both, both of the Erythrina family…I know what it is to get a blog out… keep on with the work… its more important… just love it when you pop in…


      • 🙂 I am just being (uncharacteristically) disciplined….shall be browsing through posts on the weekend…


  7. You can apologise like that any time Keira! Beautiful photos of those ravishing red flowers through rain and shine – lovely series with too many to pick favourites … Hope it’s going well. 🙂


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