Still here in mtlawleyshire – some flowers & the moon

Oh my friends – I have missed you.  I have been so disciplined and have looked at your posts so quickly, and have not left messages on so many.

I am so sorry.

But after a few more months, I will have time to go back and go through them – which is always fun 🙂  And something best done when there si time to savour and comment.

So please forgive me.  You are not forgotten.

And now, I have so many photos to post!  Oh my goodness!.

I thought I would start with just these: shots of flowers I took as I walked down to Beaufort street – & the moon.  She was up early, and it took some doing but I managed to get this.  Not bad, I thought, with my little camera.

Now there are just all these flowers.





Zygocactus.  They are finished now and the plants have returned to being odd, ugly straggly things of the shadows and dust and spiderwebs, but they were glorious in flower.  The red ones belong to someone’s garden I pass on my walk, the pink the last of mine.




a smattering of eucalypt blossom:


There was a whole tree of the red, but I couldn’t get a decent angle

and in my garden, a different type of flower – larger than dinner plates!


More coming 🙂 Including trees! Hyde Park.  Sunsets and storm clouds with some rainbows.  And probably my fattee cattee!



18 comments on “Still here in mtlawleyshire – some flowers & the moon

  1. eof737 says:

    So you were away then… I thought so. 🙂


  2. Wonderful flowers, and mushrooms! 🙂


  3. Wendy Strahan says:

    These flowers are simply wonderful ….I so love your blogs . ..I’ll be patient too . Want to see your PhD cert as a BIG photo too 🙂


  4. niasunset says:

    How beautiful all these flowers… some of them are new for me… Fascinated me. I am so glad to see you again but I know you are busy and it is important, my best wishes for you dear Keira, I will be patient… 🙂 Thank you, love, nia


    • I’m glad you found them so lovely, Nia. There were some I just couldn’t catch – a whole garden filled with amazing roses! But too much for my little camera. And yes, I will get back to work – but I will keep taking photos 🙂


  5. bulldogsturf says:

    Ahhh a post from down under, and a little tickle to my fancy, trees to come… you sure know how to get my attention.. and now I sit in anticipation, awaiting that blog that will satisfy my addiction… I can’t wait… a few more months I have to wait for your full time return… I hope to see that PhD certificate as a photo on the blog…


    • Have to wait more than a few months! I’m not going to submit till perhaps in the new year, and then it can take up to 6 months (I hope not!!!) to get the response from the examiners. Then – if there are revisions, they have to be done & approved, and then have to wait for the graduation ceremony to come round, which is twice a year. It’s not a process that can be hurried at all 🙂
      So you wil; have to be patient, just like me. At least you’re not trying to write philosophy in the meantime!
      Hope you did like the flowers though 🙂 And hope you enjoy the clouds coming next!


      • bulldogsturf says:

        I’ll like anything you blog… I helped a friend of mines daughter with her PhD an even got a mention in her dissertation, so I’m only pulling your leg I know how long it takes and the work that goes into it… nearly did one myself but the army got in the way… just keep at it, from what I read between the lines on your blog you’re going to make it… I’ll be patient…


      • 🙂
        You should go back & do it now! What would you have done it on?


      • bulldogsturf says:

        Mathematics, anaylsis, I’m a Land Surveyor and had a love for maths, I lectured maths for a while at a college, and had a wild idea to go further but it was many years ago, don’t have it in me any more… but I’m allowed to dream… what might have been. Anaylsis is my love, I have a computer program being encoded for me as we speak, which is unique in the world, will be trying to market it in four or five months… time for the ship to come in…


      • Oh! Wow! I apparently have a head for patterns & cryptography & so on, but prefer the humanities – at least, my upbringing bent me that way. Surveying would be fascinating, as is the art of programming. I await your success 🙂


      • I’ve posted some trees 🙂


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