Sunday Post – Pets

I didn’t know about this challenge till I started getting all your updates.  So I have decided to join you in this Sunday Challenge – Pets.

How could I not!

But first these – my little ShortBlack who lived till she was 18 and died on the 18th Feb 2008.

She was very ill when these were taken, but still able to sleep in the sun and pay attention to life around her.  I got her when she was 6 as a friend was leaving the country.  She was always a wilder-kitty, scampering and excited by storms and rain, independent and playful with a healthy dose of malice-aforethought.


After she died, everyone asked when was I getting another cat.  I couldn’t think of it and in the end just said – The Universe will decide!

The Universe did.

My little fattee catte, Little Plushie came in.  This is one of the 1st photos of her

She was perhaps a year old.  Perhaps.  She grew a little taller (& much fatter).  This was a week & a bit after ShortBlack died.

Within 2 months, she had moved in full time so I got her a collar and we set about really getting to know each other.

This photo explains her name: she looked like a plush toy and, courtesy of friends, I have an inordinate amount of those!  And no – this photo was not posed! She used to sleep there – the 1st Winter she was living with me.  Now it’s under the covers with me!

She’s all tummy and fur, and her dignity resides somewhere invisible to the human eye, and sunlight is all she requires for modesty!


She can be sooooo cute!

and dangerous:

So I thank the Universe for giving me the chance to know the sweeter side of its infinitely mysterious nature 🙂


19 comments on “Sunday Post – Pets

  1. I can fall in love with any cat…. well, maybe not the bobtail cats or sphinx cats. I think cats should have tails and fur…….. lol


  2. Madhu says:

    Beautiful post Mtlawleyshire!
    When we lived in the hills, on tea plantations, we had several cats and a Cocker Spaniel all black! A couple of our cats were more attached to the house than to us and everytime we moved – we moved around every two to three years those days – they vanished without trace. I would like to think they adopted a house like yours 🙂 My daughter has taken the few pics that i had of them. Your images of Plushie mades me realise how much we miss having a cat!


  3. bulldogsturf says:

    Love the photos, its always sad when looses a pet, I recently lost two of my dogs in close succession, it was terrible, still got three left a little younger, it hard when they creep so deep into ones heart.


    • yeah 😦 I still remember both my dogs with great fondness and a longing to live wiht a dog again. The cat would object, but I’m sure we could work something out. One day, I will have my own home…
      I’m sorry about your 2 dogs though. That would’ve been bloody awful.


  4. marviiilous says:

    love this post 🙂


  5. What a girl! Wandering in and taking over – such a cat thing! I’m so glad you decided to participate – to see the two black cats of your life in Mt. Lawleyshire:)


    • 🙂 My other black cat who died in 1990 I have no digital photo of, or the little burmese-cross who taught me to laugh. They were also mtlawleyshire girls and are buried near my favourite lemon-scented gum as I used to live in the property it towers over.
      But yes, the wee fluffy girl has a sturdy mind to match her sturdy little body, yet she is still incredibly sweet.


      • Always a cat girl, Mt Lawleyshire?


      • Since I started living in flats, I am restricted to cats, but I grew up with dogs & cats. If I ever get enough money to get my own place, then – Plushie or no – there will be a puppy 🙂 I miss a dog, miss a dog’s antics & smell & sounds. I have some wonderful dog friends – just don’t ever tell my gorgeous fluffy girl 😀


      • Oh, indeed living in flats! You’re lucky you can even have cats, then Ok, I’ll keep quiet about your canine friends, though I’ll bet she’s wise to your secret pats every time you come home after meeting a dog on the way. She’ll keep quiet just so long as that’s as close as they come to upsetting her Plushy setup!


      • Laughing! You’re probably right, but I’m lucky – most places in Perth are not only expensive to rent, 99.9999….% of owner/landlords won’t allow any pets at all. This is despite rising objections (children are also becoming a barrier to renting, I hear). It’s an arrogant, conceited joint, this boom-town!


  6. Sunshine says:

    Very lovely cats! Love your photos:)


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  8. niasunset says:

    Beautiful entry for dear Jake’s weekly sunday post! You know how much I love cats… but yes, I am so sad your other cat, I do believe they are watching us (my other cat died too, he was so lovely and I miss him)… Your photographs are amazing as always… and I love your lovely cat dear Keira, Blessing and Happiness, Thank you, with my love, nia


    • Oh Nia, I miss all my cats when they go. I was very sad for my little ShortBlack (her name describes her perfectly – she was short and black, a little cat), and still am, but she was so ill. I still miss my other black cat, Boris. She was bigger than my lovely fluffy Plushie, but with short hair & was not beautiful She was the most amazing cat I have ever known and when I am really sad or things are in a terrible way or very confused, it is Boris I really miss. She was well over 20 when she died but I never knew her real age. She came into my life a starving stray, crept under the house where I was living and stayed. And the only cat I’ve ever had from a little kitten – my little Burmese-cross Harimou Betina? Oh I miss her too – astonishingly beautiful, playful and naughty, she died too young.


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