Sunday Post – Pets

I didn’t know about this challenge till I started getting all your updates.  So I have decided to join you in this Sunday Challenge – Pets.

How could I not!

But first these – my little ShortBlack who lived till she was 18 and died on the 18th Feb 2008.

She was very ill when these were taken, but still able to sleep in the sun and pay attention to life around her.  I got her when she was 6 as a friend was leaving the country.  She was always a wilder-kitty, scampering and excited by storms and rain, independent and playful with a healthy dose of malice-aforethought.


After she died, everyone asked when was I getting another cat.  I couldn’t think of it and in the end just said – The Universe will decide!

The Universe did.

My little fattee catte, Little Plushie came in.  This is one of the 1st photos of her

She was perhaps a year old.  Perhaps.  She grew a little taller (& much fatter).  This was a week & a bit after ShortBlack died.

Within 2 months, she had moved in full time so I got her a collar and we set about really getting to know each other.

This photo explains her name: she looked like a plush toy and, courtesy of friends, I have an inordinate amount of those!  And no – this photo was not posed! She used to sleep there – the 1st Winter she was living with me.  Now it’s under the covers with me!

She’s all tummy and fur, and her dignity resides somewhere invisible to the human eye, and sunlight is all she requires for modesty!


She can be sooooo cute!

and dangerous:

So I thank the Universe for giving me the chance to know the sweeter side of its infinitely mysterious nature 🙂


Unoffical Weekly photo challenge: Summer

From Alisa at where’smybackpack comes another unofficial weekly photo challenge: Summer.

No – there are no trees in this photo.  Summer in south west of Western Australia is  not a great time.  I did not go to where 400 year old trees died in 2 weeks from the heat – approx 20,000 of them.  I did not go down south where bushfires decimated the karri forests of ancient trees – wiping out the homes of the very endangered black cockatoo, wiping out their food.  They come up here, eat the wrong food and die.  I don’t usually take photos of flowers burnt by the sun before they’re fully open.

So, there are not many photos, but some:

smoke over the river, shrouding the city during the south west bushfire:

and the sunset the next day:

The ponds in the park drying out as the ground water levels drop, causing salinity to rise, which slowly kills the great conifers in the park:

Then there are the sunsets: magnificent – burning with red heat:

or malevolent, heavy with threat, trapping the heat and the rain intimated by the clouds never comes:


and there is nowhere cool in my house at night – she spreads herself on the kitchen floor:

No – I don’t enjoy Summer in Perth.

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