More Trees around Matilda Bay & the University of Western Australia

I had 2 trips to the University of Western Australia and Matilda Bay this week, and this 2nd trip – I had more time.  So – more trees.

It’s was a strange day and although the river wasn’t glass-like, the reflections of the city are clear, like great pylons sinking down as they spread support beneath the flat plane of earth the skyscrapers rest on:


and the rest is trees:

The flame tree growing outside the cafe.  We sit beneath it and in Spring/Summer, the flame-like, flame-red flowers drop without warning into our coffee.







A wattled honeyeater high in branches:

In the University grounds:

a dead tree surprisingly beautiful and a long tall tree of grace, made of light dappled with shadow:


I don’t know what this tree is but it is impossibly tall and straight:

This tree is coming back from illness and the other is a flame tree in the quadrangle by the Arts Department:


The space between the university & the road:

I found a scribbly gum.  I just love the bark.


But it’s got a freeloader!

This tree has a lovely shape, and so has the other:


So tall:

a gathering of trunks:

A detail of bark & a b&w paperbark detail – with a tiny surprise.  Can you spot it?

Then to my astonishment, I found an oak in the midst of all the natives!

I hope you enjoyed all these trees!  🙂

20 comments on “More Trees around Matilda Bay & the University of Western Australia

  1. semprevento says:

    wow!!! so beautiful 🙂


  2. Of course we did! I’ve a thing for the bark, and thank goodness you always indulge me … 🙂


    • I didn’t know that. Shall keep it in mind 🙂 And yes, I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂


      • I have a favourite: the Angophora of the sandstone ridges of the NSW Central coast. Endangered in many places now, but if I had an Angophora to look at every day, that would make up for missing many other things in life!


      • Don’t know that we have that over here. When I’m done with the PhD, I intending getting into a study of trees. I find it embarrasing I rarely know the names of the trees I fall in love with 🙂


      • No, sadly for you you’ll have to content yourself looking at photographs on the net! Angophoras are restricted to a small range on the East coast. I think it’s imperative to know the names of our infatuations – one way or another.
        What’s the schedule for this PhD? What are you working on?


      • The scholarship money runs out at the end of September, & I should be about finished by then. It’s a PhD in Creative writing, so I’ve written a novel and am working on the exegesis which is theory & philosophy strained through my novel & the work of HP Lovecraft – American author of the early 20th Century. The theory’s in the area of genre theory (not much) & Aesthetics – the Sublime & The Grotesque. It’s fascinating, but bloody difficult. I don’t think I’ve ever had to do so much THINKING!! Stop laughing. And yes, trees come into it 😀 I’ve also illustrated the novel so have to talk about illustration as well. And I am illustrating the essay 🙂
        Tight now I’m applying for a job I don’t hav ea hope in hell of getting ’cause I don’t know the effin’ jargon! Grrr. Wish I could make money out of writing, artwork & photography.


      • Oh, that sounds like an awful lot of thinking, dear Mt. Lawleyshire. I’m not a great fan of what I ignorantly think of semantics. I said ignorant, and I understand that to create multifaceted works referencing and other devices are called upon. But after the work of creation (and illustration), what a finicky job to have to then go through and deconstruct it all … Work hard and may September roll around lickety split, I say. Then I suppose you’ll have to defend it, and only then can you turn your full attention to trees:)


      • no defending necessay in this part of the world – I submit it to external (overseas) markers. Very scary! And then I get back into teh so-called real world, which will cut my time for trees as I’ll undoibtedly have to work 9-5 whcih means I’ll be too tired to go walking every day 😦 And not semantics – aesthetics: the study of beauty – or ugliness 🙂 As I’m delving into horror & science fiction & fantasy, there is more ugliness than beauty – hence the grotesque & the sublime, the latter being well above beauty & the size of a universe 🙂


      • What’s the matter with our world when artists can’t make a living working as artists?:)


      • That’s what I want to know!!! 🙂


  3. marviiilous says:

    you make trees look amazing 🙂


  4. niasunset says:

    How beautiful to watch them… Your trees are amazing and I can dream how beautiful feeling to sit under them or to walk between them… I love and I loved them dear Keira. And your eye of camera is amazing too, you make a wonderful composition with them. I loved all but I have some favorites too, for example as you called, “so tall” and “gathering of trunks” and “oak tree… I think the light and shadows and the colours hit me more in them… But they are all great shots I can never get bored with your tree photographs… I fall in love every time with them. Sorry all my talking was about trees… but I loved these first photographs too… The river and the reflections are amazing. Thank you dear Keira, have a nice day, love, nia


    • Your favourites are amongst mine too, Nia. And the camrea couldn’t quite capture the tree ‘so tall’. It was! And so perfectly straight, without one branch until the very top. An amazing tree! And the oak. I love oak trees & there are not many in Perth. The gathering of trunks – it was a wonderful thing to see.
      Thanjk you Nia 🙂 I’m glad you loved my trees, & don’t apologize for talking about them 🙂 Have a lovely day, Nia. xx


  5. bulldogsturf says:

    Of course I do……..I was busy with my book and really felt a need of a break, the computer told me I had an email and guess who it was, you. A half hour studying your tree photos was just the break I needed. They are all just too beautiful, I’m now ready to get back to my book. Thank you, your trees will receive a thanks when the book is finished.


    • 🙂 What’s the book? I am sipposed to be completeing a job aplication & am spending the time posting trees to my blog:-D


      • bulldogsturf says:

        How happy am I about that, more trees less work, I just don’t know how you will feed yourself. I am busy writing two books one on Golf course green keeping and another on Visits to parks wild life and using my photos.


      • People are telling me I should be doing something with my photos. I’ve made some sample cards of some, but have used them for friends 🙂 Not too up there in the business dept me 🙂 & I tend to write fiction & academic articles. Though last year, made calendars for gifts but ended up selling a few 🙂 I’d love to see your book on the wild life 🙂


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